last year 10 Held in January 《 League of Heroes 》 On the 10th anniversary ,Riot Games( Fist game ) announce ,《 League of Heroes 》 Hand tour will be held in 2020 Landing in iOS,Android
And host platform .

   See, there's still the end 2 Months , today ,《 League of Heroes 》 Mobile game officially launched public test , support iOS/Android Dual platform .

   But this time, Japan is the test country , the republic of korea , Thailand , Vietnam? , the Philippines , Malaysia , Singapore , There is no mainland China .

   Those who can't wait can use the acceleration channel , for example UU accelerator , dolphin , Fast travel and so on . But you need a Google account or apple in the above countries
ID, For ordinary people, there is a certain threshold , We are still waiting for the version of the Bank of China .

   According to previous reports ,《 League of Heroes 》 The overall design style of mobile game is almost the same as that of end game , But some changes have been made in some small details , More in line with the operation logic of mobile phone .

   this year 6 month ,《 League of Heroes 》 Mobile games have been tested in Brazil and the Philippines on a very small scale , The minimum configuration requirement of mobile phone is extremely low , Basically, mobile phones can play now .

   The minimum model configuration is as follows :

   Android :1.5GB Memory , High pass valiant Dragon 410 processor ,Adreno 306 GPU.

  iOS:iPhone 6 And higher .

   of course , For a better experience 《 League of Heroes 》 Skills and special effects of mobile games , A good mobile phone is still necessary .

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