Mobile phone number acquisition : After the customer enters your website with mobile phone , Even if he didn't consult or leave contact information , We can get his cell phone number through three networks , Accurate data for your return visit , Forward to sell results and quickly gather many accurate customers  
  Zhongyuan big data (V:jycg789 )   

Mobile phone number capture through system accounting , Users can know the contact information of the visited customers at any time . Now you can accurately account for customers' mobile phone numbers . brace :Excel export , Customer classification , Key words , The way to come IP,
Visit page address, etc !
Mobile phone number capture rate 90%+, some WIFI It can also be obtained .

How to get the visitor's mobile phone number by mobile phone number capture ?

Whether it's a computer or a mobile phone, visit the website , All of them HTTP agreement , There must be a name “HTTP message ” Something about , There's a lot of information in it ,User-Agent It is the type of browser and mobile phone used by visitors , You can see that , also IP address , You can see from which network the visitor visited the site . When mobile phones visit the website ,HTTP When the message passes through the base station of the communication operator , The operator added something to the message , Like cell phone numbers ,IMEI Number , These things could be “ Plaintext ” Write it directly in it , It can also be encrypted . For websites , There are many visitors every day , Everything HTTP Messages can be found in the website's log .

“ of course , Suppose the message information is encrypted , The website side is unable to obtain the visitor's mobile phone number and other information , however , Suppose the website operator goes to the communication operator to buy the relevant ‘ Interface ’, such , Through the interface , The website operator can know that the communication operator is in HTTP What was added to the message , How to decrypt .”

Process of transaction , The details of each company follow its own product rhythm , There's nothing to say about this .

Finally, the author here to remind friends in the purchase of mobile phone number capture time to carefully choose home , In order to prevent bad technical service providers from leaking customer information of their website , And even some low-cost systems to low-cost bait code violations of their own website . Zhongyuan big data (V:jycg789

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