What are the related factors that affect the server rental price? How to choose a server renter with high cost performance
What are the factors that affect the server rental price ? How to choose a server renter with high cost performance ? I believe that this is a problem that confuses every friend who rents the server for the first time , below idc02 Big fat sheep
According to their own experience and the rental price comparison with the peer service providers, the experience summed up in the exchange , Let's talk about the factors that affect the server rental price ? What should be prepared for server leasing , What kind of standard should be used to select the server rental service provider , What should be paid attention to in actual operation, etc , Especially in the selection of service providers ,idc02 Big fat sheep is right “ Choose a secure server renter ” This topic is deeply touched .

In recent years, there are more and more users of network entrepreneurship , Personal entrepreneurship and small businesses are increasing , Use the server to provide relevant information , download , mail , Entertainment video download , forum BBS, Local gateway station , E-commerce stations and other services have blossomed everywhere . Due to the installation of servers in the home or office, the service can not meet the relevant standards, such as the ambient temperature of all-weather air conditioning , Constant temperature and humidity , Stable power supply, power stability and other factors , Therefore, most of them consider choosing a dedicated computer room for server hosting or server leasing , Most of the entrepreneurs want to save the cost in the early stage , Server hosting needs to purchase the server and host it to the computer room , The cost is higher than the server rental , So the choice of server rental seems to be much more .

What are the factors that affect the server rental price ? How to choose a server renter with high cost performance ? First of all, we need to know the benefits of server leasing and what kind of type to choose , Of course, the ultimate goal is to get value for money and meet your own needs .

1, What is the difference between server leasing and virtual host leasing ? What are the benefits of server leasing ?

Now many units are still using virtual hosts , Which is better to rent a server or a virtual host ? What are the benefits of server leasing ?

first , Virtual hosts share a server with other websites , speed , Bandwidth is bound to be affected ; The rental server is for its own use , Not influenced by others , Website more stable and high speed ;

second , A virtual host is a space divided from the server , In other words, a server may be divided into more than 100 virtual hosts , The environment is uniformly configured , Not applicable for applications or websites that require special environmental requirements ; Server leasing takes full control of the server , You can run many programs and services that didn't work , Very convenient ;

third , The virtual host is shared with other websites , Once other websites are hacked seriously, it is likely to affect their own website security ; Server leasing is managed by itself , Even the server operator has no access to the server management authority , Except in special circumstances, you authorize them to operate something , This greatly enhances the security of the data . think about it , Always put your own data in someone else's computer , I always feel insecure , Now don't worry .

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