Some time ago , Many countries are plagued by locusts . Hundreds of billions of locusts are in transit , Where I've been , Sweep all the crops that can have crops .

   But some researchers have found something strange , Between swarms of locusts so dense , There are few collisions , It seems that each locust can effectively avoid .

   Pennsylvania State University is inspired by this feature , Start to develop low power collision detector , UAV , Self driving car mimics locusts' avoidance collision response , Reduce accidents .

   it is reported , Locusts have a special kind of neuron , Scientists call it the lobar giant motion detector (LGMD).

   Under the action of this neuron , A locust ( grasshopper A) In flight , If there are other locusts ( grasshopper B) near , Its image will be mapped in its eyes , Locusts near B The closer the distance is , The stronger the signal that it activates neurons .

   More importantly , The neuron can also analyze locusts B Compared with locusts A Angular velocity change of , Avoid collision while avoiding .

   Based on this study , The team has developed a nanoscale collision detector , The detector can simulate the neuronal response of locusts with a small amount of energy , Respond to an oncoming object by increasing the current .

   But the difficulty of this study is that , Locusts can only avoid colliding with other locusts , Self driving cars are more than just avoiding other cars. , We have to avoid pedestrians , Roadblocks and other objects .

   But under the control of the algorithm , The probability of misidentification is greatly reduced . current , The detector can react within two seconds of sensing an object .

   It's not enough to change direction in hundreds of milliseconds between locusts , But it also has a certain practical value . also , The energy consumption of the sensor is small , It can cooperate with other sensors , Bring greater effectiveness .

   current , Automatic driving technology has become the automotive field , The next trillion level market , And any tiny technological advance in the industry , May bring huge synergy .

   And this species “ Locust sensor ” When can I get out of the lab , Practical loading , We can only wait and see .

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