2020 year 9 month 10 day , Huawei Developer Conference released Hongmeng (HarmonyOS)2.0.HarmonyOS It's a full scene operating system . in other words , Theoretically ,HarmonyOS Can run on any platform ( Including but not limited to PC, mobile phone , tablet PC , On board computer , Wrist watch ,iot Equipment, etc ). So how does this work ?

You know , No matter what kind of equipment it is , Usually from below 3 A system that determines exactly what it can run :

(1)CPU framework (x86,ARM,RISC-V etc. )

(2)CPU Processing capacity of

(3) Memory

Most hardware devices at present ,CPU Most architectures are x86 and ARM Of . This is related to OS Kernel related . at present HarmonyOS support ARM framework .RISC-V and x86 Architecture will support it in the future . These things are a purely technical problem , Support is only a matter of time , It's not hard to solve .

CPU Processing power and memory are the decisive factors OS The key to operation . If OS Too many resources are required at runtime (CPU processing capacity , Memory, etc ), And when the hardware can't provide so many resources ,OS Will not run on this hardware . For many OS, It's all macro kernel . in other words , It's hard to decompose the kernel , Form a kernel that requires less resources . So generally speaking , image Linux This kind of macro kernel OS, The required hardware configuration is relatively high . for example , Even if it's not installed GUI,Linux If you want to run , And it's smooth , It also needs dozens MB Memory , And a lot of low-end devices ( as iot equipment ) There's not that much memory at all , Even a few MB There's no memory , Hundreds at most KB, So little memory , You can't run at all Linux.

HarmonyOS Another kernel mechanism is used to design , This is the microkernel . Every part of the microkernel is removable . In this way, we can attack , Retreat to keep . If the hardware configuration is very high , You can use the full kernel . If the hardware configuration is only a few hundred K, Can be based on the required functions , Remove modules that consume excessive memory resources from the kernel ( Just configure it ), So, at the expense of some functions , But it can still run in low configuration hardware , And it's very easy to split the kernel , therefore HarmonyOS In theory, expenditure from KB Grade to GB Class of equipment .

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