The greatness of the world , nothing is too strange . You've heard of a man named “ Asking for the train ” The village of ? Today, China Railway specially introduced its story .

  “ Asking for the train ” Located in the mountains of Enshi, Hubei Province , Surrounded by mountains , Once there was no train , There are few cars , When you go out, you usually go to Enshi to take a train , But we have to take the bus for more than two hours .

  2019 end of the year , Opening of Guizhou Zhangjiakou Changzhou Railway , The distance between Laifeng station and the Railway Village 5 kilometre , You can reach it over a hill , It only takes a dozen minutes , And it's cheap , You only need to go to Chongqing 17 About RMB .

   With the opening of the railway , The life of the villagers has changed dramatically , No matter working outside , Or open a shop at home , It's so convenient .

   according to the understanding of , Laifeng County is located in Hunan Province , Hubei , The junction of Chongqing and Chongqing , It connects Xianfeng County in the north , Xuanen County , It is adjacent to Youyang County of Chongqing in the southwest , It is adjacent to Longshan County of Hunan Province in the southeast , How many ethnic minorities live nearby .

   Laifeng station is located in Sanhu Township, Laifeng County, Hubei Province , With 2 Platforms , The main source of tourists is migrant workers , Villagers who go to school or go home to visit their relatives .

  “ Asking for the train ” That's the name , In fact, it is the transliteration of Tujia language , It means a dry stream .

   The whole length of Guizhou Zhangjiakou Changzhou Railway 339.42 kilometre , Design speed 200 kilometre , The whole line passes through Wuling mountain area , Including Hubei , Chongqing , Hunan , Guizhou 4
Economically backward areas of provinces and cities , It's an important economic line , Poverty alleviation line , Since its opening up for nearly a year, Tujia nationality has been promoted , Miao Nationality , The development of Dong and other minority areas , We have broken through the space barriers in the old, minority, border and poor areas , Increased regional migration , Promoted a series of investment projects .

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