In the traditional way of receiving calls , Many enterprises recruit telephone service personnel , Holding a thick stack of phone charges , Call from morning to night , Not only is it useless , And in today's society , More and more users resent it fiercely . This method of telephone advertising is calculated by five salesmen , Pay at least at the end of January 1500, January 7500; Nothing else , May not be found in January 100 Accurate customer data ; Use the mobile phone number of our website visitors to capture the mobile phone number , We can get it in a day 100 Accurate customer data . What about January ? The mobile phone number capture of website visitors is a set of professional codes specially used to capture the mobile phone numbers of visitors from three websites . Capture the mobile phone number of website visitors when visitors browse your website on their mobile phones , He can catch it . After capturing the mobile phone number , He can see the visitor's information clearly in the background , Include mobile phone number .

Website visitors mobile phone number capture in multi-faceted national resource cooperation , Tailor made for enterprises to help enterprises obtain potential customers .
It is based on the strong user channel of three networks , Committed to building a bridge between users and enterprises , Fully satisfied with enterprise customer stability , security , Convenient operation requirements , Supply science for enterprises to complete real and efficient customer extraction service and useful customer relationship management , intact , Intelligent solutions .

The advantage of capturing the mobile phone number of website visitors lies in :

1, Capture the mobile phone number of visitors , Opportunity for second visit , It's very difficult to increase the sales network of enterprises , Rising costs , Take Baidu as an example ,90% The above customers click on the advertisement to visit the website , Most of the customers took a look and left , Very few have consulted, and we have left contact information , A lot of advertising expenses have been wasted , Want to know how to contact the customer , It's harder than going to heaven . however , Now a new way to capture mobile phone numbers has come out , This problem has been solved thoroughly , Have the phone number of the intended customer directly , Do you think the order will be less ? Think about it , If can with the lost 95% Visitors get in touch and follow up , Will at least be able to save 60% Accurate customers . Then the turnover rate will definitely increase greatly ! Instead of being forced to wait, it is better to automatically pull back the lost customers .


2. Set up an enterprise database , Let your customers continuously buy orders to calculate the data . General customers grab every day 100 Phone calls ,1 Monthly robbery 3000 Phone calls ( Please note that : These are good quality lists on purpose ), a year 36000 Customer calls . Operators
This is a huge database of website visitors' mobile numbers . Think about how many interested customers our company has accumulated now , Just need the company to have new products , There is a special promotion , Customer training , Say hello to the festival .

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