Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store Finally, it's officially released , It's like this release , Not like Microsoft Windows7,Phone7 This is very dynamic .
however Google Deliberately low-key , There is an operating system revolution .

   The reason is here :

   People always thought that Chrome OS Mainly for the netbook market , And last year Chrome OS
When the project was just announced ,Google That's what officials say , But at the press conference last night ,Google There's no mention of netbooks at all , It's always been about notebooks . even to the extent that ,Google
still Chrome On the new tab of :

   You want to experience it Chrome Notebook ?

   Maybe you're interested in this notebook , Netbooks , Desktop , The mobile phone market is not very well understood . Let's go back to history :

   Come back first 30 last year , It was a mainframe , Type of terminal ,80 The beginning of the decade , The computer egg is raw . Breaking egg shell by Microcomputer , Making it possible for computers to enter the personal desktop .

   At that time, Microsoft Bill Gates, Look across 30 Time and space of the year , See the use of a lot of personal computers now , So it was launched DOS1.0, It was bought by Microsoft
86-DOS(QDOS) copyright ,1981 year 7 month , become IBM PC upper First operating system . At the same time, Microsoft IBM PC Development specific version
PC-DOS. Microsoft's operating system has been established in one fell swoop .

  30 Nian Hexi ,30 Nian Hedong ,30 Today, the year after , The same is happening , But this time the protagonist has been changed Google,Google The leader of , At the same time, with a vision beyond time and space , I saw it 30 The future world after , The world at that time was a little bit the same as the world today , It's smart devices like computers , Mobile phones are still ubiquitous .

But there is one big difference :

   Now people use computers in fixed places , For example, sitting in front of the company's computer for a day , Go home and sit in front of the computer . It can be summarized as follows “ Where is the computer , Where are the people ”

   some time , People don't need to sit in front of the terminal and beat like this , Computer centric , Where do people want to go at that time , Electronic devices are all connected to the cloud , It's the same everywhere . Network and electronic equipment , It's bound to surround you like air . It can be summarized as follows “ Where are the people , Where is the computer ”

It can be seen that , Future trends , People are more mobile , Seamless link . Electronic equipment , Data should be as natural as clothes on the body .

   It says so much , It's just trying to show a trend in the use of computers in the future . It's from the traditional fixed type PC machine , Moving to portable , Mobile phone , notebook , Netbook transfer , final PC machine , It will die out .

   In this general trend , It's not the operating system that selects users and computers , It's users and computers , To select the operating system .Windows, The wrong way was chosen , Continue to develop the next generation with huge volume , The final front is to stick to it Server end , Enterprise application .

   As a competitor in emerging markets Google, Then wildness breaks out , First, cell phones , Then go to the netbook , Now we're targeting the laptop , Considering the future demise of desktop computers, laptops will replace them ,Google In fact, the ambition has been exposed , Is to take Windows And instead . Become the standard of terminal system .

  Google be overweeningly ambitious ,MS Refuse to give way , An operating system war is about to start . From the current goal of both sides , From the perspective of intention and trend development ,MS Will retreat Server end , Give up the desktop ,Google Occupy terminal system . Such a complex situation , Let's be low-level developers , Difficult to choose . Choose the wrong direction of Technology Exhibition , With the wrong boss , The consequences are tragic . Once the pain, such as Borland Of Delphi,Sun Of Java, current .net We're at a similar juncture .

   Development at desktop application level , No matter what Winform,WPF,SilverLight, It's all floating clouds , Unable to apply , We can't open up the situation . Not yet , It's over . stay Server end Web It should be on , reach What else MVC, Or floating clouds , There's only a less successful past , There is no bright future .

From the voice of the moment ,JQuery+CSS3+Html5, To is from the desktop to Web The combination of taking all . The interface layer of the future is likely to be it .

   And the development at the bottom , Or traditional C,C++, Server background , A hundred flowers bloom ,C#,Java, There are also many dynamic languages .

   So let's summarize here : The future technology is mainly divided into three layers :

   Interface layer : In order to adapt to different interfaces , Screen and Application , There must be a common industry standard , It's from Html Evolved Html5+CSS3+Javascript Such a combination .

   Middle layer :
It's the server application layer , There is no direct display on this layer , I don't have to deal with hardware , It's abstract , So a hundred flowers can bloom , Use whatever you like , Use whatever you like , Use whatever is efficient , Whatever is cheap and free .C#,Java,F#,PHP Wait, wait, wait . It's all right .

   System layer : At present, it is still C,C++, Or class C/C++ such as Objective C This kind of thing . From the perspective of development , This layer evolves very slowly , It's hard to evolve into a facial object .

   From the perspective of Technology , Three levels of development language , technology , There are more and more differences in usage , as CSS and C The difference of , It's more than the difference between monkeys and humans . It's hard for programmers to take all , some time , We have to find a niche in a huge branch of technology .

   So how to face the complicated situation in the future ?

  1. Choose a direction , Further development of learning may be a better way .

  2. It is also worth mentioning : The technology development of interface layer and system layer has been relatively stable , It's worth investing time and energy in this area . And the middle layer is in full bloom , It's not a good idea to cling to one or expect one to last for a long time , Such as seizing Java,SilverLight,F# This kind of straw , It can be dangerous to the programming career .

  3. Another way is to take the lead in technology , Learn what is popular , such as SilverLight,WPF,F#, wait , But watch out for these flash in the pan technologies , After consuming a lot of time cost , What's left is chicken feathers !

   If Chrome OS It's widely used on desktop computers , What do we programmers do ? Especially for us Windows Under the programmer , I hope you can also discuss it .

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