according to the statistics , About 87% All of us have the habit of taking a nap .

   Many parents and friends , I have been actively arranging naps for children .

   siesta , Not only can it help people recover their energy , Eliminate pressure , It helps digestion , It can also enhance the memory of preschool children , Improve learning efficiency .

   But specifically , How long is the nap ? How to sleep ? The more sleep, the more tired ? This can be said to be a big problem in many people's minds ……

   recently , A study shows that : Nap over 1 Hours may increase the risk of death 30%.

   Why is the nap more and more tired ? How long should I sleep ?

   Today, let's talk about those popular science knowledge about siesta ……

   Why does the longer the nap “ Can't sleep ”?

   Many people may have this experience , The longer you sleep , I still feel tired after I wake up , Showing a kind of “ As if awake, but not awake ” Status of , Unconsciousness , Disordered thinking , There's even a tendency to be violent , This is called medically “ Sleep drunk ” The phenomenon of , Very similar to the state of being drunk .

   actually , Normal sleep can be divided into five different stages : Sleeping period , Shallow sleep , Sleeping period , Deep sleep , Rapid eye movement , And sleep itself is a state from shallow to deep .

   Normally , Each sleep cycle lasts 90~110 minute , After falling asleep more than 30 Minutes later , You'll go from light sleep to mature sleep .

   Generally speaking , That is, if the nap exceeds 30
minute , The brain goes into deep sleep according to the circadian clock , Deep sleep , An alarm clock or something wakes you up , At this time, the brain is still in the stage of deep sleep , Physical compulsion “ go to work ” Status of , And it makes you feel tired , Can't sleep , No mental problems .

   Nap super 1 Hours increase the risk of death ?

   Most people may never have heard of it , Napping can cause death , But this is not alarmist !

   in fact , Research data show that , Napping should not be too long .

  2020 According to a new research result of Chinese scientists published by European Society of Cardiology in , For those who get enough sleep every night , No more than 1
A short lunch break of one hour is good for your heart , But napping is more than 1 Hours may increase the risk of death 30%.

   Nap over 1 hour , It will not only affect the quality and length of sleep at night , It may also increase 30% Risk of death , Increased risk of cardiovascular disease 34%.

   A short nap ( Less than 60 minute ) It does not generally increase the risk of cardiovascular disease .

   A short nap ( Especially less than 30 to 45 minute ) It also improves the heart health of people who don't get enough sleep at night .

   For people with low blood pressure or cardiovascular disease , After a long nap, the fluctuation of blood pressure will increase the burden of blood vessels .

   in addition , Nap over 1 hour , Sleep at night will be far less than the normal length of sleep , In the long run , Will affect the human body's normal work and rest time and health .

   Why noon “ Take a nap ” More spirit ?

   Psychologist of Cornell University JamesMass It has been proposed “power-nap” The concept of , It's translated from Chinese “ Energy nap ”.

   in other words , One 5~10 Minutes “ Energy nap ” It can help you improve your energy , noon 15~30 About minutes of sleep , Not only can it soothe the body , Strengthen memory , It can also help improve the efficiency of afternoon work .

   however , Scientific research finds that for clerks , pilot , astronaut , Doctors and so on , The working intensity is different , Physical conditions are different , Nap time from 6 Minutes to 90 Every minute has a significant benefit .

   But not everyone is suitable for a nap , Especially the following types of people :

  1, Elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

   The average length of sleep in the elderly is shorter , Reduced physical exertion , Napping may reduce the quality of sleep at night , In the long run, there will be a vicious circle , Poor sleep quality at night — Take a nap at noon — Affect evening quality .

   in addition , Blood flow slows down during sleep , Blood pressure fluctuates when you wake up , There are induced apoplexy , Disease risk of myocardial infarction .

  2, Obese people

   Overweight people , Napping can aggravate obesity , The body consumes less energy , Bad for health , It also increases the risk of diabetes .

  3, People with low blood pressure

   For people with low blood pressure , It's hot in summer , Fast electrolyte and water consumption , If the indoor air conditioning is set too low , More likely to aggravate the symptoms of hypotension .

   Pay attention not to overwork during the day , Rules of daily life , Go to bed on time at night to ensure adequate sleep . When you wake up from a nap , Wake up first , Move slowly , Avoid danger .

   How to take a scientific nap ?

  1, Don't take a nap immediately after dinner

   When you are full, take a nap immediately , Easy to cause indigestion , Induce gastritis and even reflux esophagitis .

   The best time should be after dinner 15 Take a nap in minutes .

  2, Don't take a nap on your stomach

   Try not to take a nap directly on the table , Sleeping on your stomach for a long time will do harm to the body .

   It's better to sleep on your back , If you can't, sleep on the back of your chair , It is good for the blood circulation of the whole body , Prepare one U Shape pillow , Put it around your neck when you take a nap , Let the cervical vertebra relax fully .

  3, We should arrange the nap time reasonably according to personal situation

   People who don't sleep well at night , You can take a nap , Contribute to physical and mental recovery .

   office worker , You can shorten your nap to 5~10 Minutes will also get a better rest .

   For most people , Go to bed at noon 15~40 Minutes are the most appropriate , Even if you're not asleep , It can also rest the brain and relieve eye fatigue , It's the most effective way to recover your spirit , But don't exceed 1 hour .

   in summary , A nap is good , But don't be sleepy and arrange it properly , Never exceed 1 Hours !

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