SQL Server Database Glossary

Word meaning
Activation activation
ActiveX Data Objects(ADO)ActiveX data object
ActiveX Data Objects(Multidimensional)(ADO MD)ActiveX data object ( Multidimensional )
active log Activity log
Aggregate function Aggregate function
alert alert
alignment alignment
American National Standards Institute(ANSI) American National Standards Institute
anonymous subscription anonymous subscription
ANSI-to-OEM conversionANSI reach OEM Conversion of
API Application program interface
Application Program Interface(API) Application program interface
application role Application roles
asymmetric key Asymmetric key
asynchronous processing Asynchronous processing
authentication Authentication
backup backups
backup device Backup device
backup file Backup files
backup media Backup media
back strategy Backup strategy
bcp Bulk replication
Bcp filesBcp file
Bcp utilityBcp Utilities
blocking modularization
broken ownership chain Broken ownership chain
B treeB tree
Bulk Copy(Bcp)Utility Bulk copy utility
BULK INSERT Large capacity insertion
built-in functions Built in functions
cascading delete cascading deletion
cascading update update cascade
case expression Case expression
catalog(database) catalog ( database )
catalog(system) catalog ( system )
catalog population Directory population
catalog of changed pages Change the table of contents for the page
certificate certificate
Certification Authority(CA) Certification body
character set character set
CHECK constraintsCHECK constraint
checkpoint Checkpoint
client cursor Client cursor
clustered index Clustered index
clustering key Aggregation bond
code page code page
collation Collation
column-level collation column filter
column-level constraint Column level constraints
COM-structured storage fileCOM Structured storage file
Commit Submit
Component Object Model(COM) Component object model
composition layout
concurrency Concurrent
conflict resolver Conflict resolver
connection connect
constraint constraint
contract contract
cooperative multiprocessing Cooperative multi processing
copy-on-write Copy on write
Copy Files task Copy file task
conversation conversation
conversation group Conversation group
cursor cursor
data block data block
data connection data connection
Data Control Language(DCL) Data control language
Data Definition Language(DDL) Data definition language
Data Definition Language(DDL)trigger Data definition language triggers
data dictionary data dictionary
data file data file
data integrity Data integrity
data lineage data lineage
Data Manipulation Language(DML) Data manipulation language
Data Manipulation Language(DML)trigger Data manipulation language trigger
data mart data mart
data source data source
data source name(DSN) Data source name
Data Transformation Services(DTS) Data conversion services
data warehouse data warehouse
database database
database catalog Database directory
database diagram Database diagram
Database Engine Tuning Advisor(DTA) Database engine optimization Consultant
database file Database file
database mail Database Mail
database mail account Database Mail account
database master key Database administrator key
database object Database objects
database mirroring database mirroring
database mirroring role Database mirroring role
database owner Database owner
database restore Database recovery
database role Database role
database schema Database architecture
database script Database script
database snapshot Database Snapshot
deadlock deadlock
deadlock detection Deadlock detection
deadlock trace Deadlock tracking
decision support decision support
Dedicated Administrator Connection(DAC) Dedicated administrator connection
default constraint Default constraint
default filegroup Default filegroup
delimiter Delimiter
deny refuse
dependencies relevance
derived table Derived table
deterministic function Deterministic function
differential backup Differential backup
differential database backup Differential database backup
differential restore Difference recovery
dirty pages Dirty page
dirty read Dirty reading
distribute distribute
distributed query Distributed query
distribution database Distributed database
distribution retention period Distribution retention period
Distributor Distributor
Document Object Model (DOM) Document object model
domain field
domain integrity Domain integrity
DTS packageDTS data packet
DTS package templateDTS Packet template
dump dump
dump file dump file
dynamic filter dynamic filter
Dynamic Management Views(DMVs) Dynamic management view
dynamic snapshot dynamic snapshot
encryption encryption
English Query English query
error log Error log
explicit transaction Explicit transaction processing
extended stored procedure Extended stored procedure
extent Expand extent
field field
field length Field length
file file
file DSN file DSN
file storage type File storage type
filegroup File group
filegroup backup Filegroup backup
filegroup restore Filegroup recovery
fill factor Filling factor
filter Filter
filtering screen
fixed database role Fixed database role
fixed server role Fixed server role
Foreign Key(FK) Foreign key
fragmentation fragment
full database backup Full database backup
full database restore Full database recovery
full recovery model Full recovery mode
full-text catalog Full text catalog
full-text enabling Full text citation
full-text index Full text index
full-text query Full text query
full-text service Full text service
function function
global default Global default
global rule Global rules
global subscriptions global subscription
grant to grant authorization
helper service Assistant Service
heterogeneous data heterogeneous data
histogram Bar chart
homogeneous data Similar data
HTTP endpointHTTP Endpoint
Hypertext Markup Language(HTML) Hypertext markup language
identifier identifier
identity column Identity column
identity property Identity properties
idle time free time
immediate updating Live update
immediate updating Subscribers Immediate update subscriber
immediate updating subscriptions Instant update subscription
implicit transaction Implicit transaction processing
index Indexes
index page Index page
index population Index population
index rebuild Index reconstruction
index reorganization Index refactoring
indexed view Indexed view
initial media Initial media
initial snapshot initial snapshot
inner join Internal connection
input parameter input parameter
instance example
integrity constraint integrity constraint
intermediate index Intermediate index
internal identifier internal identifier
International Organization for Standardization(ISO) International Organization for Standardization
interprocess communication(IPC) Interprocess communication
job task
join filter Join filter
job schedule Work schedule
job step Operation steps
Kernel kernel
key key
keyword keyword
leaf leaf
leaf level Leaf class
linked server Link server
local Distributor Local distributor
local group Local group
local login identification Local login ID
local server Local server
local subscription local subscription
local system account Local system account
locale Regional settings
locale identifier (LCID) Locale identifier
lock lock
lock escalation Lock escalation
locking level Lock level
locking promotion Lock upgrade
log file log file
log pointer Log pointer
log shipping Log shipping
logical name Logical name
login (account) Sign in ( account )
lookup table Look up table
machine DSN machine DSN
master database Master database
master definition site Master definition location
master file Master file
master site Primary location
media description Media description
media family Media family
media header media header
media name Media name
media set Media collection
merge replication Merge replication
message number Message number
Messaging Application Programming Interface(MAPI) Message application program interface
metadata metadata
mirroring image
mirrored backup image copies
Mixed Mode Mixed mode
Mixed Mode authentication Mixed Mode authentication
Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) Multidimensional expression
multidimensional structure Multidimensional structure
multiple instances multiple instances
multithreaded server application Multithreaded server applications
multiuser Multi user
named instance Named instance
named pipe name pipes
native format Native format
Network Service account Network service account
nickname Nickname?
nonclustered index Nonclustered index
nullability Emptiness
object object
object dependencies Object correlation
object identifier Object identifier
object owner Object owner
object permission Object permissions
ODBC data sourceODBC data source
ODBC driverODBC Driver
OLE DB for OLAP be used for OLAP Of OLE DB
OLE DB providerOLEDB Provider
online analytical processing (OLAP) On line analytical processing
online index creation Online index creation
online transaction processing (OLTP) Online transaction processing
Open Data Services (ODS) Open data service
OpenDatabaseConnectivity(ODBC) open data base connectivity
optimize synchronization Optimize synchronization
optimizer Optimization procedure
out join External connection
ownership chain Ownership chain
page page
page split Page split
partial backup Local backup
partial restore Local recovery
partitioning partition
peer-to-peer replication Point to point replication
permissions jurisdiction
physical name Physical name
point in time recovery Time recovery point
primary data file Master data file
primary filegroup Master file group
primary key (PK) Primary key
property attribute
property pages Property page
provider Provider
publication release
publication database Publish database
published data Published data
Publisher Publisher
publishing table Release form
pubs databasepubs database
pull subscription pull subscription
push subscription push subscription
query optimizer query optimizer
queue queue
record record
recovery recovery
recovery interval Recovery interval
recovery model Recovery model
referenced key Referenced key
referencing key Reference key
referential integrity (RI) Referential integrity
reflexive relationship Reflexive relationship
relational database relational database
Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Relational database management system
remote data Remote data
remote Distributor Remote Distributor
remote login identification Remote login identity
remote server remote server
remote stored procedure Remote stored procedure
remote table remote table
replay trace Replay trace
replication copy
replication agent Replication agent
Replication Conflict Viewer replication conflict Viewer
Replication Monitor Replication Monitor
replication scripting Script replication
resolution strategy Solution strategy
restore recovery
restore strategy Recovery strategy
result set Result set
revoke cancel
role role
roll back RollBACK
roll forward Roll forward
row That's ok
row filter row filter
row lock Row lock
rowset Rowset
rule rule
schema framework
script script
Security Identifier (SID) Security identifier
server cursor server cursor
server name Server name
setup initialization file Setup initialization file
severity level Severity level
shared lock Shared lock
single-user mode Single user
Snapshot Agent Snapshot Agent
Snapshot Agent utility Snapshot Agent utility
snapshot replication Snapshot replication
SOAP Simple object access protocol
source and target Source and target
source database Source database
sparse file sparse file
SQL collationSQL Collation
SQL databaseSQL database
SQL expressionSQL expression
SQL mailSQL mail
SQL querySQL query
SQL Query AnalyzerSQLQuery analyzer
SQL Server AgentSQLServer agent
SQL Server authenticationSQLServer Authentication
SQL Server Event Forwarding ServerSQLServer Event forwarding server
SQL Server loginSQLServer Sign in
SQL Server Management Object (SMO)SQLServer Management object
SQL Server ProfilerSQLServer Profiler
SQL Server roleSQL Server role
SQL Server userSQL Server user
SQL statementSQL sentence
standard security Standard security mechanism
statement permission Statement permission
statistics Statistics
stored procedure stored procedure
string summary String Digest
Structured Query Language (SQL) Structured query language
structured storage file Structured storage file
subscribe subscribe
Subscriber Subscriber
subscription subscribe
subscription database subscription database
subquery Subquery
synchronization synchronization
system administrator system administrator
system catalog System directory
system databases System database
system functions System function
system stored procedures System stored procedure
system tables System table
table surface
table lock Watch lock
table scan Table scan
tail of the log Log tail
tape backup tape backup
target object Target object
task task
task object Task object
tempdb databasetempdb database
temporary table cursor
thread thread
tool tool
Transact-SQL cursorTransact-SQL cursor
transaction affair
transaction log Transaction log
transaction log backup Transaction log backup
transaction processing transaction processing
transaction log restore Transaction log recovery
transaction rollback Transaction rollback
transactional replication Transactional replication
transformable subscription transformable subscription
transformation transformation
trigger trigger
trusted connection Trust connection
two-phase commit Two stage submission
Unicode collationUnicode Collation
Unicode formatUnicode format
update to update
updateable view Updatable view
update lock Update lock
update query Update query
user (account) user ( account )
user database User database
user-defined data type User defined data type
user-defined event User defined events
user-defined function User defined function
utility Utilities
vertical filtering Vertical screening view view
Web serviceWeb service
Web Service Description Language (WSDL)Web Service description language
WHERE clauseWHERE clause
Windows authenticationWindows Authentication
Windows collationWindows Collation
write-ahead log Pre write log

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