import The concept of scope , That is, only import Defined in the target file template, Not really import Target file import Of template
<!-- A.wxml --> <template name="A"> <text> A template </text> </template> <!--
B.wxml --> <import src="a.wxml"/> <template name="B"> <text> B template </text>
</template> <!-- C.wxml --> <import src="b.wxml"/> <template is="A"/> <!--
Error cannot be referenced at multiple levels A --> <template is="B"/>
include You can delete the target file Outside the entire code import , It's equivalent to copying to include
<!-- index.wxml --> <include src="header.wxml"/> <view> body </view> <include
src="footer.wxml"/> <!-- header.wxml --> <view> header </view> <!-- footer.wxml
--> <view> footer </view>

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