Liu Cixin is here 《 Trisomy 》 The three body Galaxy described in is fascinating , Its mysterious fate is even more fascinating . Now? , For the first time, astronomers have discovered a three body galaxy that is almost identical to the description in the novel .

   This is the distance from the earth 1300 Orion in light years GW, It is still in its early stage of development , It contains three stars , Two of them rotate around each other , The third goes far out around the first two stars .

   There are also many ring-shaped matter disks around the star that are pregnant with planets , The inner ring mass is equivalent to 30 The earth , The equivalent of the outermost ring 245 The earth , Approximately from the center of the system 338 Astronomical units ( exceed
500 100 million kilometers ).

   It's amazing , These disks and the orbits of the three stars are not in plane , In particular, the inclination angle of the inner ring is the largest , It even cast a shadow on the outer ring , It also provides a rare example for studying the evolution of planetary system .

   In continuous tracking observation 11 Years later , Astronomers believe that , There is a young planet in this system , Or at least planetary embryos , Estimated distance from the center of the system is about 46
Astronomical units , Far from the sun than Neptune .

   It exists , The whole planetary system is on the verge of gravitational imbalance and collapse . Under the tear of all kinds of gravitation , It was destined to be a strange world , Like Liu Cixin's three body planet .

   If it turns out to be true , It's going to be history , The first planet ever discovered to orbit three stars simultaneously .

   Another word , The existence of this three body system , It doesn't mean the three body problem is solved , It's just that the third star is in the right place right now , It's hard to say what the future will be like , That planet is doomed to be ill fated .

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