There are grassroots directors in almost every industry ( Or grassroots managers ), The project manager is the basic supervisor of software industry , Technical Manager , Development Manager , Team leader, etc . Its responsibility is resource coordination , Risk Assessment , Project control , team building , To put it bluntly, the status quo of most enterprises is the process of project leader leading the team to attack one project after another . Many companies regard the success or failure of the project as the only standard for the assessment of the project leader , Because of the scale of the project , cost , Customer satisfaction is easy to quantify , And it is directly related to the company's profits ; On the contrary, team building is hard to measure , How to measure whether an ordinary technician is promoted to a senior technician, is it the cultivation of grassroots supervisors or that the original employees have the skills of senior technicians . therefore , It is hard to avoid the situation that heroes are judged by project quota , This often leads to the tragic scene of a great success , Not conducive to the development of the team . Carnegie once said that , Take my employees , Leave my factory behind , The factory will soon be covered with weeds ; Take my factory , Leave my staff behind , We will have a better factory soon . My point is , In terms of short-term goals , The success of the project is the index to solve the problem of food and clothing , If the problem of food and clothing is not solved , How to talk about eating well , If the team often crazy overtime to catch up with the project is a performance of food and clothing has not been solved ; In the long run , Team building is towards “ Eat well ” The improvement process of , Or a means .

   A group of sheep led by a lion will defeat a group of lions led by a sheep

   If you are a sheep , It's no use having a team of lions . Speaking of this , I once saw a dozen young lions attacking a hippo on a TV show , Due to the lack of a leader , The result is an incredible scene in which the hippopotamus successfully escaped and a lion died . later , Again, this group of lions is led by an experienced lion , Defeat a stronger and fiercer opponent than the hippopotamus .

   Grassroots supervisors often come from excellent employees at the grassroots level , Before successful transformation, we must sharpen our sword .

   stay NBA On the field ,5 A team of Kobe might lose to any team in the league

   A project usually requires several members to form a team —— Pre sale , demand , Design , development , test , Deployment, etc . And the reality is that , Or the project is urgent , Or the personnel are not in place , Or both , Well, developers account for a large proportion of the company , May do both requirements and testing . The consequence of this is that , The demand is not clear , Poor software quality due to poor testing , Customers complain constantly .

   It's like playing chess , We must understand the roles and functions of various pieces , And where they should be . Otherwise, you can use the car as a military envoy , The consequences can be imagined .

   When the project is in crisis , The first reaction of the grassroots managers is ?

   If the first reaction is “ Which son of a bitch caused this problem ”, It means that the supervisor's thinking is to investigate the responsibility first . on one occasion , Need to demonstrate existing development results to customers , Due to various reasons, we found that many functions were not perfect the day before the demonstration , If you show it to clients like this, it's like monkey play . at that time , The only way for grassroots managers to report to the top , And the first reaction of a senior executive is , Assess how long it will take to improve these features ? Can adding resources now shorten the duration ? What resources are needed to complete ? And all members of the project have indicated that , He didn't want to pursue anyone's mistakes , The first task is to analyze how the problem can be solved . afterwards , He then learned from the grassroots managers how to improve to avoid similar problems , In this way, it is equivalent to a profound management course for the grassroots supervisors .

   Listen to the team

   Listening is the foundation of good communication . If your team member has been doing his job honestly for a few months , Suddenly he told you one day ( Or from other members ), He found his job boring . This is not really a matter of division of labor , To a large extent, there are communication problems . Try to ask , He didn't feel interesting , Not inappropriate , That is, he is qualified for the job , It's a pity that there is something missing , Maybe it's a lack of exercise opportunities , Want to change projects and so on . Take the initiative to understand the intentions of team members , Because putting them in positions of interest will give full play to their potential abilities . Of course, not everyone can find a suitable position for themselves , Giving the right incentives will boost morale , Keep working enthusiasm . Some grass-roots managers use empty checks as incentives , As a result, they lost faith in the team .

   It is the responsibility of every grass-roots supervisor to maximize the strength of the team

   The premise of maximizing the strength of the team is to have a deep understanding of the skills and preferences of each team member . Especially software engineers , A lot of people are not good at expressing themselves , More needs to be observed by grassroots supervisors . as A Jun likes to study technology but lacks experience , If there is technical difficulty, assign it to him first , Help him analyze the solution , More importantly, give him confidence .

   Don't say I thought

   Grassroots supervisors are different from ordinary employees , If you make a mistake, take responsibility . if “ meseems …, I didn't expect it …, As a result …”, It's an excuse , It's a sign of immaturity .

   Let the team feedback actively

   Grassroots managers need to understand that they are not managing a group of machines , It's an excellent team . If we train the team into a machine , It will eventually kill the grassroots managers . for example , You need to ask them one by one how their work is going , Or simply ask them to write daily and weekly reports for feedback . The result is that everything looks good , The actual situation may hide a time bomb . If it's not the team member's active feedback ,“ Be fed back ” It's often a form , For example, so and so said “A The function is completed ,B It's almost functional ”. The next day , The third day “B It's almost functional ”. Active feedback is a brief talk about work problems and solutions , As so and so said “A The functional solution is …,B Function encounter … problem ,C The function is expected to be completed tomorrow ”, And more importantly , It's not until you ask him .


   The above is purely my personal views on grassroots management , It's also a summary of my meager experience , It's a bit confusing . Here's a good example , Hope to hear more suggestions .

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