Android 11 It's officially released today ! The new version mainly strengthens the chat bubble , Security and privacy , Power Menu , And the waterfall screen , Folding screen , Dual screen support . Except for Google's own Pixel
mobile phone , One plus , millet ,OPPO,Realme Of mobile phone users will also receive updates in the next few days .

Although recent versions of Android have not changed much , The bottom doesn't change much , But there are some interesting highlights , Mainly in social communication , Privacy security and control of media devices .

<> Social communication

* The notification bar is divided into a section , Used to display messages from various communication software , Easy one stop management . Users can also prioritize conversations with important people , So you don't miss any important information .
Bubble mode means that the chat box will be suspended above any application , This makes multitasking on the device easy . Users can respond to important conversations in a timely manner , There is no need to switch back and forth between the operation being performed and the messaging application .
* Built in screen recording function , You can record and share what happens on the screen , You can record with a microphone or device sound , No additional applications are required .
<> Privacy security

In the microphone , Camera and location are the most sensitive permissions , Only a single permission can be given , The next visit needs to be re authorized .

take “ auto reset ” Permissions for applications that users have not used for a long time , And inform the user accordingly , Users can re authorize the next time they use the app .

utilize Google Play Update system module , It sends security and privacy fixes immediately to the user's phone , No need to wait for complete OS update .

about Android Enterprise user , The system will continue the privacy settings on the personal device to the company device , And it will provide tools to manage the equipment , No need to monitor personal data or activity on your phone .

<> Control media devices

Long press the power key to access a variety of intelligent device information , It is mainly used to control smart home .

The media control has been redesigned , Quick switching from headphones to Speakers , Or switch from the phone screen to the TV .

As long as the media is compatible ,Android Auto Can be used in all applications Android 11 Wireless operation on mobile phone .

<>MIUI 12 Stable version internal test

Android 11 As soon as it was released in the morning ,MIUI It's officially announced , be based on Android 11 The official version MIUI 12 The stable version has been tested in-house , The first batch of support model is Xiaomi 10, millet 10
Pro,Redmi K30 Pro,Redmi K30 Pro Zoom version and so on . A few hours later , The second batch of support aircraft was also announced , common 14 paragraph , There is millet 8, millet 8 Off screen fingerprint , millet 8
Transparent discovery , millet MIX3 etc. , It has been passed in Xiaomi community Android 11 Stable version of the internal test application users can go to the settings > My device >MIUI Version upgrade experience .

<> summary

Android 11 These new features of , Generally speaking, it may be unnecessary for ordinary people , But from the details, it will effectively improve the user experience .

meanwhile ,iOS 14 The arrival of the is just around the corner . According to foreign media reports , Apple will be in 9 Month official push iOS 14 Official version . Compared with iOS 13,iOS
14 It's a big upgrade , New features , The new way to play is mouth watering . about iOS 14 Introduction to the official version ,CSDN At that time, it will also be followed up simultaneously .

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