One of the main suppliers of Tesla China automobile factory , One of the main players in the field of electric vehicle innovation —— the republic of korea LG Chemistry (LG Chem), Will spin off its battery business .

   A few days ago ,LG Chemical official announcement , Confirm that the 2020 Formally split battery business before the end of the year , After canceling the original battery business headquarters, a wholly-owned subsidiary was established , In order to better develop the battery related business of the group .

   it is reported , The new wholly-owned subsidiary is tentatively named LG Energy solutions (LG Energy Solutions), Once the resolution is passed , This new one LG Chemical wholly owned subsidiary will 2020
year 12 Officially established in January .

   For the spin off of the battery business unit ,LG
Chemical said the new company is to deal with the complex and changeable market environment , Strengthening the professionalism of public institutions , In order to achieve efficient decision-making and flexible organization operation , Improve management efficiency , And help to enhance the value of the parent company .

   meanwhile , The government also claims a wholly owned subsidiary 2020 Expected sales for the year are about 13 Trillion won , Expected in 2024 The company's sales exceeded 30 Trillion won ( About RMB
1743.09 RMB 100 million ).

   According to South Korea SNE Research Report display , The first quarter of this year ,LG Chemistry 5.5 GWh
Installed capacity , Beyond Matsushita of Japan and Ningde era of China , Become the world's largest battery manufacturer . The company's global market share increased from the first quarter of last year 10.7%, Up to the first quarter of this year 27.1%.

   this year 7 month ,LG Chemical power battery installed market share once again occupied the first place , by 26.8%, Ningde era followed closely .

   Order side , this year 7 When is the month LG Chemistry once said , It has value 150 Trillion won ( close 1250 USD100mn ) Orders for , This will make it in the future 5 Keep busy in the year .

   Don't take it to see ,LG
Chemical choose to spin off the existing battery business to establish a wholly-owned independent subsidiary , It is also for future development , Independent companies are more convenient for large-scale financing in the future , At the same time, the independent financial structure also helps to reduce the financial burden of the parent company .

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