If there's no accident , Huawei will 10 Released in late mid to late Mate 40 New flagship mobile phones , As Yu Chengdong said “ As expected ”.

   The latest news from the source ,Mate 40 The series will include four models this year , namely Mate 40,Mate 40 Pro,Mate 40 Pro+ and RS
Porsche Design .

   In Kirin 9000 Processor production has been limited , Huawei's product strategy does not seem to be disrupted .

   among Mate 40 Pro+ As part of the series “ venti ”, Building ideas and P40 Pro+ similar , Including ceramic body , A new generation of film lens jointly adjusted with Leica , Pre installed EMUI
11 System, etc .

   Camera components , Although Huawei Mate 40
The series continues the circle “ Oreo ” module , But flash , The focus module and so on seem to be integrated with the camera , That is, there are no other openings in the back , The sense of oneness and even beauty may be more harmonious .

   There were rumors earlier , Huawei Mate 40 Series will carry 8P even to the extent that 9P Specifications , Freeform lens , Can we sit down , We'll have to wait for the official to find out .

   in addition , Foreign sources said , except Mate 40 series , Huawei may launch it together Watch GT2 Porsche Design ,Freebuds Studio Headphones, etc .

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