solve Navicat for Mysql Problems that cannot be solved
For students learning database , It is very inconvenient to use the console to open the database or operate the data table , therefore , We all use it NaviCat Right database
Operate . however , Once I opened mine Navicat, Display error suddenly , But it was always good , Why can't I open it all of a sudden , The error below is displayed .

1, Reload database
For beginners , It's a problem , The first thing must be to Baidu , Me too. , But all the answers are Reload database
But reinstalling a database is a very complex thing , Because of re installation , It is necessary to delete the contents of the previous database , This is very difficult for beginners
( Because I've tried before. Ha ha ) So I ruled it out . however , If there's no other way , This is the most direct and effective method , Because this method can solve all database problems, ha ha .
2, stay cmd Under direct operation
So I saw a second approach , Go straight cmd Open the database directly below , The specific steps are as follows :
Using shortcut keys Windows key ( There's one on the keyboard Windows Buttons for signs )+R input cmd Go back .

Switch to database bin The disk where the directory is located

stay CMD Command window typing command mysql -hlocalhost -uroot -p Then press enter

<> enter one user name , password

But it failed , Still show can’t connect to mysql on localhost

So it seems that the only way left is to reload the database , But Xiaobian still doesn't give up ( Reloading the database is too much trouble for the editor ), After constantly searching for information , Finally, it was solved without reloading . Here is a simple method :
1, My computer —>( Right click ) Administration
2, Find services and Applications --> find service

3, Double click to enter the service , find MYSQL, take MySQL start-up , That's it ( Some of them are mysql Some of them are mysql1 wait )

Hope that the method of small make-up can help you !

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