<> Problem description

demand : Read about 200 Multiline txt file , obtain 17-216 The value in the specified position in each row of a row .

<> realization
#-*- coding: utf-8 -*- """ @Date: 2020/5/21 21:53 @Author: Pangpd @FileName:
read_log.py @IDE: PyCharm @Description: Get the training accuracy and loss in the log """ import linecache
# Gets the content of the specified line def get_line(file, nums_line): return linecache.getline(file, nums_line
).strip() file =
train_accuracy_list= [] train_loss_list = [] for line in range(17, 217):
current_context= get_line(file, line).split() train_accuracy = float(
current_context[9]) train_loss = float(current_context[6]) train_accuracy_list.
append(train_accuracy) train_loss_list.append(train_loss)

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