Parent page
const app = getApp() Page({ jump: function () { wx.navigateTo({ url: './test',
events: { // Listen to the parent acceptDataFromOpenedPage acceptDataFromOpenedPage: function (data
) { console.log(data) }, }, success: function (res) {
// triggers acceptDataFromOpenerPage res.eventChannel.emit('acceptDataFromOpenerPage',
{ data: 'send from opener page' }) } }) }, })
Page({ onLoad: function (option) { // obtain EventChannel object const eventChannel = this
.getOpenerEventChannel() // Trigger parent acceptDataFromOpenedPage eventChannel.emit(
'acceptDataFromOpenedPage', { data: 'send from opened page' }); //
Monitor acceptDataFromOpenerPage eventChannel.on('acceptDataFromOpenerPage', function
(data) { console.log(data) }) } })

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