9 month 28 Daily News  《 Forbes China 》 List the top 25 China's auto industry , He Xiaopeng, representing the new force of car making , Li Xiang , Li Bin ranked No 11, The first 14 And 15
position , Wealth is 37.5 USD100mn ,29 USD100mn ,28 USD100mn .

  ▲ The picture is from Forbes China

   Forbes China said , Novel coronavirus pneumonia brings uncertainty , China's auto industry in the first quarter as if in the fog . Half a year has passed , Things have changed dramatically . Macroeconomic recovery ,IPO
It's a red fire , All parties have higher and higher expectations for electric vehicle sales . result , Car companies' share prices rise , Among the most successful Auto entrepreneurs in China , Most people's wealth rose .

  ▲ The picture is from Forbes China

  IT Home previously reported , The three giants of new domestic automobile manufacturing forces are listed , Xiaopeng automobile and Weilai , Ideal car meets in US stock market .

   Xiaopeng automobile in 8 month 27 Japan successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange ,IPO The issue price is 15 dollar , by 9 month 25 day , Total market value of Xiaopeng automobile 129.05 USD100mn , The share price is
17.93 dollar .

   Weilai was the first to enter the US capital market , to 2018 year 9 IPO in January ,IPO The issue price is 6.26 dollar , by 9 month 25 day , Total market value of Weilai 223.99
USD100mn , The share price is 18.32 dollar .

   The ideal car follows , This year 7 month 30 NASDAQ listed in Japan ,IPO The issue price is 11.5 dollar , by 9 month 25 day , Total market value of ideal car 132.14
USD100mn , The share price is 15.80 dollar .

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