The U.S. ban on Huawei should have made Ericsson and Nokia the leaders in the wireless base station market , This is not the case . This gives Altiostar
This is a rare opportunity for start-ups and new entrants including Qualcomm , It gives them a piece of the lucrative mobile phone network in the telecommunications industry .

   The third largest wireless operator in the United States AT&T Andrea, CTO, network services · Voich (Andre
Fuetsch) express :“ This could break decades of blockade on technology providers , The key is how to create a more competitive one , More innovative ecosystem .”

   Base station is the core of cellular network , Supports millions of antennas on cellular towers and city roofs around the world . Until recently , These facilities are also proprietary combinations of processors and software , Must be purchased at the same time . Market research institutions
Dell‘Oro Group Data display of , Huawei , Ericsson and Nokia account for three-quarters of the market , The market has annual sales of up to 350 USD100mn .

   however , Open standards for base station design by creating , And ensure that all software and components work well together , So called open wireless access network ( Or called O-RAN) Changing the status quo . This is a very radical transformation . When
AT&T And China Mobile and other telecom giants want to expand their networks , They often have to order more of the same products from existing suppliers , Because Nokia and Ericsson's devices don't work . and O-RAN
Technology can make it easier for wireless operators to mix and match .

   The move also means , New vendors can succeed by focusing on one or two components or a single piece of software , It doesn't take a lot of time and money to build the entire base station from scratch . since 2018
Since the establishment of an industry alliance to promote this technology in ,O-RAN Always used with caution . But when the US imposed restrictions on Huawei last year , People's attitude towards O-RAN
Interest in adoption began to increase , Operators are more willing to consider adopting more flexible O-RAN Alternatives .

  Dell‘Oro Group Stephane Teral · Pongretz (Stefan
Pongrz) express :“ Not only in Europe , All over the world , Many suppliers are basically reassessing their exposure to Huawei .”Dell‘Oro Group
estimate , Open standard base stations will be produced in the next five years 50 Billion dollars in sales , Far beyond the original forecast .

   Ericsson questions the current situation O-RAN Product performance and cost effectiveness . however , Where to encourage existing telecom companies to join and decide where to spend their money , Otherwise, there is a risk of being left behind .

   The largest wireless operator in the United States Verizon Responsible for technology strategy , Adam of architecture and planning · The popular science (Adam
Koeppe) say :“ We have always been honest with them , This is the architecture that the operator community is pursuing .” Companies competing to fill the void left by Huawei , There are some technology companies with a long history , There are also newcomers . high pass , Intel , HP enterprise , Dell , Cisco , Fujitsu and
NEC We are providing various parts of the new base station technology , and Altiostar,Airspan Networks and Mavenir Systems
And other start-ups are also trying to develop niche markets .

  O-RAN Supporters point out that , Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce provider, has successfully used the technology to break into mobile phone services . The company was established on 4 Available in January 4G Wireless services , Upgrading to
5G, his O-RAN Suppliers include NEC, high pass , Intel ,Altiostar and Airspan. Happy day , Take this more open approach , It has been cut 40%
Capital expenditure of , It's down 30% Operating costs of .

   Dish networks Inc (Dish) In progress Altiostar Building in the United States with the help of 5G wireless network .Altiostar
Thierry, executive vice president of strategy and product management · Mopley (Thierry Maupilé) express , New projects like this are great , But the real opportunities are those that are moving existing networks to O-RAN
Operators of . The company has gone from Lotte , Investors such as Qualcomm and Cisco raised more than 3 Billion US dollars .

It is part of a broader effort to make computer networks more flexible and easy to control . By standardizing the hardware , And use more software in the centralized data center , Companies can run the network more cheaply , At the same time, it is easier to repair and upgrade the network .5G
This flexibility is needed to work well . about AT&T Come on , New approaches have begun to work . He said , The company has launched a new product based on O-RAN
Samsung devices . Nokia estimates 2021 A full range of O-RAN product .

   Sandro, head of global marketing, Nokia · Tavares (Sandro Tavares) express , Some final standards have not yet been set , And it needs to pass the test , It all takes time . third person :“O-RAN
Get the global 20 Support from several major operators , So the potential is huge . This is a major move for our industry , The main players are clear , We should not cut corners in the process .”

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