I don't know why I always forget the method of base conversion after a period of time
I don't know why
Take a look at this knowledge recently , And think about the principle

Binary to decimal
example :
Binary number 1001B=1*2^0 + 0*2^1 + 0*2^2  + 1*2^3=1 + 8 =9

principle :
A decimal number 632 It can be expressed as
=600    + 30     + 2
=6*10^2 + 3*10^1 + 2*10^0
Similarly, a binary number 11011 It can be expressed as
 10000+ 1000+  000   + 10    +1
=1*2^4+ 1*2^3+ 0*2^2 + 1*2^1 +1*2^0
=16   + 8    + 0     + 2     +1

Decimal to binary
A=a(2^0)+b(2^1)+c(2^2)+d(2^3)+e(2^4) ( Isn't the following sum the decimal process )
Now assume that the number is not binary , Divide by base 2 have to
At this time, due to a(2^0)/2 This formula can't be divisible , And the other terms can certainly be divisible . therefore a(2^0) It has to be left over , that is a It has to be left over
( because a and a(2^0) Always equal ), So you can start with the remainder a See the first bit
Business gain :
b(2^0)+c(2^1)+d(2^2)+e(2^3), Divide by the base number 2 The rest b, and so on .
When this number can no longer be 2 Division time , The rest a The number of digits is lower than the original number , And then the remainder is high , So write all the remainder in reverse . nothing less than edcba

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