* Qt::Widget : QWidget Default value of constructor , The new widget has no parent , It is a separate window , Otherwise, it is a child widget .
* Qt::Window : Whether there is a parent widget or not , The new widget is a window , It usually has a window border and a title bar .
* Qt::Dialog : The new widget is a dialog box
* Qt::Sheet : The new widget is a Macintosh form .
* Qt::Drawer : The new widget is a Macintosh drawer .
* Qt::Popup : The new widget is a pop-up top-level window .
* Qt::Tool : The new widget is a tool window , It is usually a small window for displaying tool buttons
mouth , If a tool window has a parent widget , It will appear above the parent widget , otherwise , Will be equivalent to using Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint Exhibition .
* Qt::Tooltip : The new widget is a prompt window , No title bar and window border .
* Qt::SplashScreen : The new widget is a welcome window , It is QSplashScreen Default value of constructor .
* Qt::Desktop : The new widget is the desktop , It is QDesktopWidget Default value of constructor .
* Qt::SubWindow : The new widget is a child window , Whether the widget has a parent or not .
* Qt::X11BypassWindowManagerHint :
Completely ignore window manager , Its function is to create a window without a window border that is not managed at all , here , The user cannot use the keyboard for input , Unless manually called QWidget::ActivateWindow() function .
* Qt::FramelessWindowHint : Produces a window without a window border , At this time, the user cannot move the window and change its size .
* Qt::CustomizeWindowHint : Turn off the default window title prompt .

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