<> One way hash algorithm

Also called Hash algorithm , Encrypt plaintext of any length into ciphertext of fixed length , And the process is irreversible . The common one-way hash algorithms are MD5,SHA

name form length
MD5 0 - 9,a - z 32
SHA1 0 - 9,a - z 40
SHA224 0 - 9,a - z 56
SHA256 0 - 9 ,a - z 64
SHA384 0 - 9,a - z 96
SHA512 0 - 9,a - z 128
<> Symmetric encryption algorithm

The key used for encryption is the same as that for decryption , And the ciphertext after each encryption is different ( The length is also different ). The common symmetric encryption algorithms are AES,DES,TEA,RC4

name form length
AES 0 - 9,a - z,A - Z,/,+,= More and more plaintext 16 One character ciphertext will increase
DES 0 - 9,a - z,A - Z,/,+,= More and more plaintext 8 One character ciphertext will increase
RC4 0 - 9,a - z,A - Z,/,+,= More and more plaintext 2 One character ciphertext will increase
<> Asymmetric encryption algorithm

Use different keys for encryption and decryption , Anyone can use public key encryption , But only the private key can be decrypted , The result of each encryption is different , Ciphertext length is independent of plaintext length ( But it depends on the length of the key ). If you want to crack, you have to find the public key first , The private key is calculated according to the public key . The common asymmetric encryption algorithms are
RSA,Elgama,DSA,ECC,DH etc.

name form
RSA 0 - 9,a - z,A - Z,/,+,=

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