from Windows Switch to Mac, I think what you are not used to is the keyboard .

Mac Computers don't usually use a mouse , Therefore, its touch screen has rich single finger , Double fingers , Besides the operation of three or even four fingers , Plus a lot of shortcut keys , Adequate for daily operation .

This article will introduce Mac The most common shortcut key of computer , Is also used Mac Shortcut keys that must be mastered . I Believe , When you have mastered the shortcut described in this article , Yes Mac
It will not be so strange , Even used not to use the mouse .

Window Users who are used to it will often use system keys and Ctrl Key to operate the shortcut key ,Mac On the Command General and Window Of Ctrl The function of the key is equivalent .

Shortcut key effect
Command + A Select all
Command + C copy
Command + X shear
Command + V paste
Command + S preservation
Command + Z revoke
Command + Shift + Z Reverse revocation
Command + R Refresh web page
Command + W Close page
Ctrl + Tab Jump to the next page
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Jump to previous page
Command + Q close applications
Command + Tab switch application
Command + Shift + 3 Cut current screen
Command + Shift + 4 Screenshot plug-in
Fn + Backspace Reverse deletion , be similar to Windows Delete key
F11 Show desktop
Personal opinion ,Mac be relative to Windows There are more Command key , A little redundant , I feel that it goes against Apple's product philosophy .

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