According to market research institutions Netmarketshare Given data display ,Windows 10 The market share is still increasing , And the corresponding Windows 7 It's going down .

   Report display , this year 7 month Windows 10 The global market share of 59.59%, approach 60%, Higher than last month's 58.93%. Windows 7
Share continued to decline , from 23.35% Drop to 23.11%.

   On the whole ,Windows The system is still invincible , Its overall share rose to 87.59%.

   in addition ,macOS Share from 9.22% Drop to 7.08%, and Linux Share continues to grow from 3.61% Up to 4.73%,ChromeOS The share of
0.42%, Higher than last month's 0.41%.

   say concretely ,Windows 10 In version ,v1903 It is still the highest proportion , Yes 43.6%, and v1909 in the nick of , The proportion is
36.8%, The total proportion of these two versions exceeds 80%,v2004(5 Monthly update ) Two months after its release , The share is only 11.6%, Hard to improve than a month ago 4.6%.

   in addition ,v1809 3%,v1803 2.5%,v1709 0.8%, The total is 6.3%, It's still in use v1703 Even older versions are still available 1.2%.

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