boost::call_once Application and Implementation


Here is a typical application call_once An example of implementing an initialization :

 1 #include <boost/thread/thread.hpp>
 2 #include <boost/thread/once.hpp>
 3 #include <iostream>
 5 int i = 0;
 6 int j = 0;
 7 boost::once_flag flag = BOOST_ONCE_INIT;
 9 void init()
10 {
11     ++i;
12 }
14 void thread()
15 {
16     boost::call_once(&init, flag);
17     ++j;
18 }
20 int main(int argc, char* argv[])
21 {
22     boost::thread thrd1(&thread);
23     boost::thread thrd2(&thread);
24     thrd1.join();
25     thrd2.join();
27     std::cout << i << std::endl;
28     std::cout << j << std::endl;
30     return 0;
31 }
The results show that , global variable i Was executed only once ++ operation , And variables j Is executed in both threads ++ operation .


principle :

    Using incoming flag Address and current process id Construct a string for a variable , And use this string to construct a named mutex,
Make this mutex In the same process , Relative identical flag only . For the first time mutex The thread of ownership executes the incoming function object , And will flag Change to a specific value ,
Other thread judgment flag Is it modified to this specific value , If it is modified, the function will not be called and it will be skipped directly . Using double judgment mechanism to reduce the call waitforsingleobject Times of , increase of efficiency

Key source code :


void call_once(once_flag& flag,Function f)
        // Try for a quick win: if the procedure has already been called
        // just skip through:
        long const function_complete_flag_value=0xc15730e2; //
First time finish call Later flag The value is modified to this value

First judgment , Can be reduced waitforsingleobject frequency
            void* const
mutex_handle(::boost::detail::create_once_mutex(&flag));// Create process unique metux
            detail::win32::handle_manager const closer(mutex_handle); //handle
guard, Leave scope automatically closehandle
            detail::win32_mutex_scoped_lock const lock(mutex_handle); //mutex
guard, In the constructor waitforsingleobject( Incoming mutex handle), Leave scope automatically releaseMutex
Second judgment ,waitforsingleobject Then judge again call Has it been called
BOOST_INTERLOCKED_EXCHANGE(&flag,function_complete_flag_value);// Atomic operation , to flag assignment



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