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1, R & D needs to review its own code , Check the correctness of the code , In this process, we become : Code walkthrough .
Code walkthrough : Only check the code for errors .
unit testing : It refers to the inspection and verification of the smallest testable unit in the software .
2, For program segments :IF(A||B||C)THEN W=W/X, about (A,B,C) Value of ,( ) Test cases can satisfy MCDC( Modified conditional logic decision ) Requirements of ?
analysis :
Amendment conditions / Determining coverage MC/DC --Modified Condition/Decision Coverage
: Lock other conditions unchanged , Change a condition , Must cause the entire expression to change .
(A||B||C) There are altogether 2^3=8,8 species 2 combination , But because it's or ,or Or statement, just judge the front , If the first item is T, No matter what's behind it , It's all true ,(T X X) =(T T
F)=(T T T)=(T F F)=(T F T) equivalent 4 species If the first item is F, Then judge the second item , The second is T, Then there is no need to judge later ,(F T X) =(F T F)=(F
T T) equivalent 2 species The second is F, Then judge the third item , The third is T (F F T) 1 species The second is F, Then judge the third item , The third is F (F F F) 1 species
3, Equivalence analysis test = Equivalence class division + Boundary value analysis test
4, There are three types of acceptance tests : Formal acceptance test , Informal acceptance test (α test ( Internal measurement ) and β test ( Public beta ))
5, According to whether to execute the tested program code, it is divided into static test and dynamic test According to the test technology, it is divided into black box and white box test .
6, Validation testing is mainly to check whether the implemented software meets the requirements specified in the requirements specification .
7, Software debugging technology :

* Trial method ( Forced troubleshooting )
* Backtracking method : Manually follow the control flow of the program to track the code , Until the root cause of the error is found
* Bisection search method : Narrow the scope of errors ,
* Inductive deduction
* Cause exclusion

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