/*** * Change the name from underline to hump * * @param para * Underline named string */ public static String
UnderlineToHump(String para){ StringBuilder result=new StringBuilder(); String a
[]=para.split("_"); for(String s:a){ if (!para.contains("_")) { result.append(s)
; continue; } if(result.length()==0){ result.append(s.toLowerCase()); }else{
result.append(s.substring(0, 1).toUpperCase()); result.append(s.substring(1).
toLowerCase()); } } return result.toString(); } /*** * Hump naming changed to underline naming * * @param
para * Hump named string */ public static String HumpToUnderline(String para){
StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder(para); int temp=0;// location if (!para.contains("_"
)) { for(int i=0;i<para.length();i++){ if(Character.isUpperCase(para.charAt(i)))
{ sb.insert(i+temp, "_"); temp+=1; } } } return sb.toString().toUpperCase(); }
Operation results :
"CLIENT_NO" Name the hump :clientNo "clientNo" Change to underline :CLIENT_NO

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