Computer thinking and mathematical thinking , Both include abstraction and logic .

Mathematical abstraction , It is to separate the concrete . Mathematics research starts from Axiom , Activities that can be turned into pure thinking , Out of touch with concrete reality . Artificial mathematics ” definition ”, Is to give as much scope as possible , Non redundant information abstraction . We'll use that information later , The abstract information with clear scope and no redundancy is obtained ( The process of proof ), So repeatedly . See here , Mathematics needs a self consistent information structure and relationship . The information is concrete and realistic . although , Mathematics is trying to find relationships , But this behavior takes place within a well-defined limited range , By layers of known theorems and definitions within the guardrail .

The abstraction of computer thinking , It lies in the concrete mapping . Computers are used to simulate reality and solve real problems . therefore , Computer thinking is very close to reality , But the real relationship is complicated . We can't avoid information redundancy , Random and unexpected free combination of random information . That's why , Mathematical correctness and error are clear and definite . The computer is not guaranteed to be correct , It can only be said that there are no mistakes at present ,bug There's always a need for constant repair . The reality has changed , The thinking model of computer will change with it .

Mathematical abstraction , It's all about the purpose of thinking and the necessity of proving conjecture . The abstraction of computer thinking , It depends on the problem to be solved and the degree of simulation . There are similarities , The biggest difference is that . Computer thinking needs understanding of life , Experience of practical problems , A person's world outlook is related to his ability to taste life . Mathematics does not require much from reality , A great mathematician can be a madman , Social barriers , Schizophrenia , depression . but , Computer scientists are gay at best .

On logic . actually , Logic is the relationship between things , And grasp the trigger conditions of the relationship , It's seen as a rule . Why is it logical , It should be like this . Why is your logic right , My logic is wrong . It is because the relationship of logical essence is inherent in matter , In the same environment and posture conditions , The pattern of relationships is observed , Be experienced , Be summed up , Understand and remember . Every time we have a new understanding of the law , It's like redefining relationships , The logic of the past will be overturned , Building new logic . logical reasoning , It's about the relationship , Right, relationships are rules , Wrong guess is illogical .

Structure and relationship of mathematical research , The real world is made up of structures and relationships . This is the interesting place , Reality is the structure and relationship of perfect operation , Mathematics is to simulate the structure and relationship of exploration in the human brain . therefore , Mathematics is a tool of computer science . When computer science cannot be abstracted and mapped in some way , You need to wait for mathematics to come up with the same structure and relationships as the real world , For example, artificial intelligence is .
Reality is developing at random , Mathematics in random conjecture , And mathematics is part of reality , It's like how computers work , Full of recursion . The human brain is like a computer , The human brain is also like a universe , The universe invented man , Man invented the computer , Can human brain be invented recursively by computer . Isn't it in this direction now .

What is recursion ? A thing is constructed by the thing itself . So when we understand this thing , We need to understand the composition of things first , So go back to understanding this thing , So this process of constant understanding forms recursion . Literally , Delivery is delivery , Return is return . So start with delivery and go back to delivery . It's about starting from one place , Back to the same place , But this place is still the same place , It's just the environment of this place ( information ) Some changes have taken place

Computational power is not the essential cause of intelligence . The human brain has limited computational power but logical reasoning ability . At present, the computing power of computer is far more than that of human beings , But it can't produce similar learning and logical reasoning ability . But there's one thing that computers and human brains are the same , It's information that goes through binary 0 and 1( Bit ) To store, transfer, and express . There is a relationship between algorithm and structure , The more complex the structure, the simpler the algorithm will be , The simpler the structure, the more complex the algorithm needs . therefore , The intelligence of the human brain is due to the complexity of its structure . The structure of the computer is so simple , It's the transfer of complex algorithms to programming , That's what the human brain does . If artificial intelligence can be close to human beings in the future , What is needed is not computing power, but a complex hardware architecture . And the evolution of human logical thinking and intelligence is closely related to the language used by human beings , Therefore, artificial intelligence also needs a matching programming language similar to human language . of course , This is my guess and understanding . It's the thinking of human intelligence itself , It is not ruled out that the computer itself develops intelligence different from human intelligence mode , Like transformers .

Questions about programming and Mathematics .

although , Mathematics is the tool of computer , There are similarities and commonalities in the origin of thinking . however , Learning and mastering a skill requires practice and time , You need to train specific structures in the brain . Even with the same infrastructure , But if you want to do better and develop better, what you need is training and time .

Even though , Mathematics is the tool, the foundation and the dependence of the upper class . That's not to say , Mathematics is above everything else , Superior to everything is the most powerful . The most basic is not the most powerful , It's the most necessary, the first . such as , Sand is the foundation of architecture, but it can't represent the value of architecture . Inorganic matter is the basis of organic matter , Organic matter is the foundation of life , But where is the value of life . The process of development , Linked to each other , On the road of relationship, no one can live without others . Basic representative is necessary , Development is the future .

last , Bit is the basic unit of information , Structure and relation are the attributes of information . The greatness of computers , It's about creating the concept of bits , Again, we began to use bits to describe the world , All things are equal .

Structure is inherent , It's an arrangement of information .

Relationship is the arrangement and combination that the observer sees from a certain angle , And this view is understandable to the observer .

The understanding here includes perceivable , Some of the relationships presented by the arrangement and combination of substances cannot be perceived ( Expandable imagination ).

So the same structure will have different relations from different angles .

however , That's right. It's math , Right, what can't be proved is philosophy ( It can't be proved right ~), The unexplained seems to be theology .

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