According to the experience of the project , At present, a project development process and its members are preliminarily drawn up . Please give me more advice .

Project process

1, Project launch
  1), Project team established ( Member companies , Customer members )
  2), Set the expected objectives of the project
  3), Develop project planning cycle
  4), Establish communication mechanism among project team members

2, Demand research
  1), Create research plan , Coordinate research time
  2), Collect customer information , Access to customer needs
   One copy of all the information needs to be kept , If there is any doubt in the materials, it is necessary to inquire in time
  3), Document requirements
   Focus on the description of the customer's business processes and performance requirements .
   use Word,Excel,Rose Etc .
  4), Requirement change record
  5), Determine the development environment and operation environment
  6), Scalability requirements
  7), Connection requirements with old system .
  8), Estimate the project workload

   This stage needs a set of requirements management system to manage the requirements .

   The requirement document of this stage is also the basis of user testing .

3, system design / detailed design
   A system can be divided into two parts: basic platform and Application module .
  1), Select the base platform , Whether it is a third-party platform or a self-developed platform , We need to know more about it , Check for compliance .
  2), Application module design ( For business processes )
  3), Adoption or self development of Middleware , Need deep understanding .
  4), Design of user interface
   If the user interface is designed and confirmed , The user manual can be initially written , Administrator's Manual .
  5), Change record

   The system design in this stage is the basis of integration test .

4, program development
   Create development task schedule , Development plan schedule
  1), Write test cases first
  2), Code according to the code specification
  3), Note according to document annotation specification
   The above forms the development document .

   A version management system is needed in this stage .

   The test cases in this stage are also the basis of unit testing .
   If you can , It is best to build daily .

5, test
   One set is needed at this stage Bug management system , Forming demand , Design , development , Test interaction .

  1), Write test plan and test plan
  2), functional testing
   unit testing , integration testing
  3), performance testing
   integration testing , Stress testing

   If you can , It's better to have automated testing .
   If you can , Do analysis and statistics .

   Finally, the test report is formed .

6, on trial , train , maintain
   This stage needs to be addressed :
  1), To solve the problem of synchronization between remote modification and company modification .
  2), In user testing Bug Revision questions , Divided into
            a), program Bug
            b), Design change
            c), Requirement change
   Try to follow a b c In order to modify , Try to avoid it b,c Level modification .

   Finally, the installation manual is formed , Maintenance records .

   Project membership

   According to the above process , In a project group , need :
1, Requirement Engineer , Its requirements
   Good at communicating with customers , Can quickly understand the needs of customers , Familiar with the customer's industry .
   Good at learning new knowledge .
   be familiar with Word,Excel,Rose The use of tools such as .
   Familiar with development language and development framework
   Familiar with the functions of accumulated products , Performance, etc .

2, System Analyst / designer , Its requirements
   Proficient in development language and development framework , Some need to be proficient in databases
   Master the function of accumulated products , Performance, etc
   In depth understanding of customer industry characteristics
   Be able to analyze the essence according to the requirements of customers
   Can make excellent design
   be familiar with Word,Excel,Rose The use of tools such as

3, Development Engineer , Its requirements
   Familiar with development language , Familiar with development requirements and annotation specifications , Some need to be familiar with the database .
   Familiar with unit testing .
   Can make good coding according to the design , Guaranteed function and performance .
   Some parts need to have certain design requirements , Because it involves future maintenance .

4, Test Engineer , Its requirements
   Familiar with testing work , Be able to test according to the test plan .
   Familiar with development language , Be able to help development engineers find mistakes .
   Can complete the black independently , White box test .
   If you are a senior tester , Also be able to analyze the system in depth and develop an excellent test program .

5, management
   Generally, it is held by the above personnel , There are mainly
   project manager : Responsible for the whole project
   Development Manager : Responsible for system design , Development work
   Test Manager : Responsible for testing work

6, Others
   Some projects involve other people , Such as page designers , Page Maker .
   Some big projects , There are also special maintenance personnel .

   Because at present, many domestic companies do not have such a strict distinction , If the project is small , Multiple positions can be held by one person .

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