<>Joint Unsupervised Learning of Deep Representations and Image Clusters


Proposed JULE model for deep representations and image clusters Learning together framework.

Here it is framework in , In a clustering algorithm, continuous processing is processed into repeated steps . And connect another one CNN

( Core original sentence :In our framework, successive operations in a clustering algorithm are
expressed as steps in a recurrent process, stacked on top of representations
output by a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN))

Finish reading paper You should understand .


given nsn_sns​ individual images I={I1,...Ins}\boldsymbol{I} = \{I_1, ... I_{n_s}\}I={I1​,..
.Ins​​}, The global optimization objective should be :
argmin⁡y,θL(y,θ∣I)(1) \underset{\boldsymbol{y},
\boldsymbol{\theta}}{\operatorname{argmin}} \mathcal{L}(\boldsymbol{y},
\boldsymbol{\theta} \mid \boldsymbol{I}) \tag{1}y,θargmin​L(y,θ∣I)(1)
among :

* L\mathcal{L}L It's a loss function
* y\boldsymbol{y}y It's all image in cluster Of id ( author : Since it is unsupervised, Why would there be cluster
ids? If it's just image id, Up there I\boldsymbol{I}I This has been illustrated )
* θ\boldsymbol{\theta}θ It's a trainable parameter
The optimization process can be divided into the following two steps :
argmin⁡yL(y∣I,θ)(2a) \underset{\boldsymbol{y}}{\operatorname{argmin}}
\mathcal{L}(\boldsymbol{y} \mid \boldsymbol{I}, \boldsymbol{\theta}) \tag{2a}yar

argmin⁡θL(θ∣I,y)(2b) \underset{\boldsymbol{\theta}}{\operatorname{argmin}}
\mathcal{L}(\boldsymbol{\theta} \mid \boldsymbol{I}, \boldsymbol{y}) \tag{2b}θar

It's natural formula 2a It is a simple clustering problem , formula 2b It is a supervised representation learning problem .

Therefore, this paper proposes an option between the two formulas . Optimizing clustering by representation learning id, By clustering id To optimize the parameters .( How do you feel self-supervised That's the way .

use HAC The reason of clustering :

* Start with over clustering ( That is, every one of them sample All represent a cluster category .
This is better when representation learning is not good — This is the time CNN It has not been well studied . Blame him , He's retraining one CNN Of , It's not for use pretrained)
* With better representation learning , Those in the subsequent clustering process can be merged .
* HAC It's an iterative process , A good framework to adapt to iterative cycles .
This is the basic process ,simple but effective end to end learning framework.

The point is :

* end to end
* Unlabeled data

This is the specific process , You can see in the picture ttt round ,
A combination of red and yellow image. then bp Optimize CNN, Then go to the next one step Combined two green and one pink , And then in the bp optimization CNN.. This process is iterative . It's done .

It's easy to understand workflow.

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