As the release approaches ,iPhone 12 Frequency search . recently , Some bloggers have exposed it iPhone 12 Selling price of Non Bank of China , meanwhile iPhone 12
All batteries of the series have been connected to the network .

   it is reported ,iPhone 12 128GB Starting price 699 dollar ,iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB Top selling price 1399
dollar . Converted into RMB , The details are as follows :

  iPhone 12:128GB about 4899 element ,256GB about 5599 element ;

  iPhone 12 Max:128GB about 5599 element ,256GB about 6299 element ;

  iPhone 12 Pro:128GB about 6999 element ,256GB about 7699 element ,512GB about 8999 element ;

  iPhone 12 Pro Max:128GB about 7699 element ,256GB about 8299 element ,512GB about 9699 element .

   The battery capacity is as follows :

  A2471:iPhone 12,5.4 inch ,2227mAh

  A2431:iPhone 12 Max,6.1 inch ,2775mAh

  A2479:iPhone 12 Pro,6.1 inch ,2815mAh

  A2466:iPhone 12 Pro Max,6.7 inch ,3687mAh

   Compared with cash iPhone 11 It has shrunk :

  iPhone SE,4.7 inch ,1821mAh

  iPhone 11,6.1 inch ,3110 mAh

  iPhone 11 Pro,5.8 inch ,3046 mAh

  iPhone 11 Pro Max,6.5 inch ,3969mAh

   Dimension , One 5.4 inch , Two types 6.1 inch , One 6.7 inch , Whole system AMOLED screen , TSMC 5nm A14 processor , support 5G.

  iPhone 12 Series no longer available 64GB edition , wrong Pro Version started and increased to 128GB,Pro The highest Edition 512GB.

   There are differences in memory ,iPhone 12,iPhone 12 Max Standard configuration 4GB LPDDR4 Memory ,iPhone 12 Pro,iPhone 12 Pro
Max Standard configuration 6GB  LPDDR4 Memory .

   Photo specifications ,iPhone 12,iPhone 12 Max Both are equipped with rear dual camera 1200 ten thousand (5P)+1200 ten thousand (7P), Support sheet OIS Optical anti shake .

  iPhone 12 Pro,iPhone 12 Pro Max One more 1200 ten thousand (5P) camera lens , double OIS Optical anti shake .

   The front lens is unified as 1200 ten thousand (5P).

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