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brief introduction : How to manage time , Do a good job .



Why am I so busy , It's not done 1

The relationship between importance and urgency 2

Maintain daily work list 2

Judgment on key points 3

It's hard to learn time management 3


Why am I so busy , It's not done

   Everyone said they were busy . Are you really busy ?

1, Talk about it casually . For example, when chatting .

2, Excuse not to do things . I have nothing to do , He said he was busy . People are lazy by nature , I don't like being told by others , So it's almost instinctive .

3, Really busy . When things come, they are in a hurry , It turned out to be a mess . I want to change the status quo .

   In the latter case , It's time to learn time management .



The relationship between importance and urgency

   Normally speaking , The main focus should be on the orange area .

1, For a manager , This is wrong . Because he'll find out , There are always important and urgent things coming , I'm so busy . Once it's free , I don't know what to do .

2, For an ordinary employee or a junior manager , Focus on this area .


   For Managers , Especially at the decision-making level , You have to focus on “ important , It's not urgent ” On the red area . Once you focus on this area and get things done , that “ important , urgent ” Things will continue to decrease . It's easy to work .


   about “ unimportance , urgent ” The yellow area of , Accumulate things , Take a time for batch processing , Clean it all at once .


  “ unimportance , It's not urgent ” Green area of , There is no need to say much .



Maintain daily work list

1, Every morning before work starts , Sort out what you have to do that day .

2, Sort by importance .

3, In order , Finish one and do another .

   Sort of things , A secretary can't do it . If you can , It can also be managed .



Judgment on key points

1, Can find something to do . It sounds easy, too , It's actually hard .

2, Be able to judge and rank the importance .

   Serious investigation , Judgment on key points , In fact, it is a kind of forward-looking . Others are still busy with the things in front of them , You've seen the next step . So we arranged the preparation in advance . This way, when things come, we can take them easy .

   It's a natural ability , It's hard to cultivate the day after tomorrow .



It's hard to learn time management

   Why is it difficult ? Because you change your behavior , very difficult .

   Why are people learning time management effective ?

1, Generally speaking , That's what he did . Now it's up to theory , It can be used more effectively .

2, The key is modesty , Admit your shortcomings , Recognize the strengths of others . Only with modesty can you find what you need , To learn and practice .

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