I have to say something in English here , Because I don't understand the meaning of English , Make a yarn by programming !hint This word is the meaning of the tip , So you can understand !

Qt::WindowContextHelpButtonHint  There is a question mark and a close button , But the close button is not available

Qt::CustomizeWindowHint There is no title bar There are no buttons

Qt::WindowTitleHint  The window has only one close button

Qt::WindowSystemMenuHint The window has only one close button

Qt::WindowCloseButtonHint The window has only one close button

Qt::WindowMaximizeButtonHint  The minimize button is not available , The close button is not available , That is, only maximization is available

Qt::WindowMinimizeButtonHint The restore button is not available

Qt::SubWindow The window has no buttons but a title bar

Qt::Desktop It's not on the desktop, it's not on the task . But there are still some in the mission manager

Qt::SplashScreen There is no title bar The button doesn't show up there, it just doesn't get there , It can't be moved or dragged , Right click on the taskbar and nothing , There is no taskbar window name , You can turn off the taskbar

Qt::ToolTip  If you choose this, you'll die …… You can try it

Qt::Tool There's a little close button

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