<> Restore permanently deleted files from hard disk

If you ever delete something with a broken hand , What if the recycle bin is emptied ? In fact, this time as long as you try not to use computer hard disk memory , Then the deleted file will be stored on your hard disk , Know it's covered by a new file .

Here's a quick recovery “ Permanently deleted ” File method .

* download testDISK, This is a set of windows DOS File recovery for command development / Tracking procedure , When you open it, it's DOS Interface ,
2. Select the disk where the files to be recovered are located (C,D,F…)

3. Select partition options (partition option), This depends on your system settings , Look at the program prompts to choose , Generally speaking, it is none perhaps Intel

4. choice undeleted, The files that you deleted but are temporarily stored in the hard disk will be displayed

5. According to the operating instructions Copy the files you want to recover to the specified folder , And then it's done !

Note that , This recovery may not 100% restore , When the original hard disk location is occupied, it is likely that the recovered files will not be available at all ( for example txt There is a garbled code ,excel Cannot be opened ), The longer the file is deleted , The lower the probability of recovery .

In addition, the file names after recovery are all 16 Decimal character , So it's completely unclear which is which , You need to check it manually . I hope it can help you ?

In addition, I would like to ask , Familiar with DOS Command and right RECOVER perhaps CHCKDSK Do you know friends ? I tried it first RECOVER Restore files , I don't know where the recovered things are , Ah !

The original text comes from the collection, search and collation of Web information !

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