Specialized development gun gun gun game cheater CxCheats.net
A statement this morning said , In view of the fact that Activision has initiated legal proceedings against it , already ( act with confusion ) Will all involve 《 Call of Duty 》 The cheats are removed from the shelves , And promised to no longer provide the maintenance and upgrade services of this series of products .

  CxCheats.net I also apologize to those innocent players who have been harmed by cheaters :“ For any trigger CoD Sorry for the player's unhappy behavior .”

   The site is currently unavailable . It is said that all CoD The cheater is no longer on sale , But the site is still available for sale before it goes offline 《Apex Legends》 and PUBG Cheating device . Yes
CoD The thieves are clamoring for a refund .

   Cheating is not only harmful PC
game , The current popular cross platform online system also leads this disaster to the host platform . Host players can only turn off the cross platform online option to avoid such troubles , But sometimes this effort is not successful , It also seriously affects the matching speed of players .

   in addition , In more than one department 《CoD: Black action 》 Play Frank in the work · Woods (Frank Woods) 's voice actors lost their temper online , Motion TV didn't invite him to play this year CoD New year goods .

   be known as James C Burns
The actor is frank · Woods gave his voice for more than ten years , He was extremely disappointed that he lost the election :“ I believe the plot must be cattle X, however …… Even a thousand words are hard to tell . I'm not aiming at anyone , The actor is also professional , He is sure to do well , But can he compete with me ? I've been in this role for 11 years , I know everything in front of the stage and behind the scenes , I'm woods. Woods is me !”

  “ Could have done a lot , This is the most difficult thing for me to accept , I really want to do it again , It must be a beautiful performance , It's hard not to get a chance , Forget it .”

   It was pointed out that James C Burns Once a community Mod Give a voice , Violation of non competition agreement , This is the main reason why he lost the election .

   but Burns Refutes this statement , It's not worth mentioning , But he really did not know which link of the company was wrong to use new people .

   It shouldn't be about money . The income of voice actors is not high , Every hour 200-300 US dollar is the industry standard , So every actor can only get it 2 Wanzhi 3
Million US dollars , This is just a drop in the ocean for the mobile vision, which often costs hundreds of millions of dollars .

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