I believe many people will feel curious when they see this topic , How can it be public cloud and private cloud at the same time ? If you have this question , Please read this article with this question .

How to deploy private cloud on public cloud ?

People have always been used to buying directly ECS example , However, it ignores another special cloud resource form of Alibaba cloud , That's the proprietary host (Dedicated Host). seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , namely
Refers to a physical server (Physical Host) Exclusive to a single tenant
. This is a very different from the traditional public cloud “ multi-tenancy ” The concept of , That's why there are users : A private host is like a private cloud on a public cloud .



Why do you need to deploy a private cloud on top of a public cloud ?

Let's start with privatization (on premise) Speaking of , conventional IT The deployment method is to purchase a batch of servers , And then deploy it on the shelves , Build a fixed capacity resource pool for IT Construction of environment .


We all know the disadvantages of privatization deployment :

* No flexibility , Long expansion cycle , In order to ensure the business needs , It is often necessary to reserve some redundant resources in case of emergency , This leads to IT Waste of investment ;
* Heavy burden of operation and maintenance , Purchase from machine , On shelf deployment , To subsequent maintenance , Wind, fire, water and electricity in the machine room , They all need special personnel . If it is hosted in a third party computer room , It can't be completely relieved .

Since there are so many problems , Why do many enterprises still adopt private cloud ?

That's because of some of the advantages of privatized deployment , There is no way to completely replace the multi tenant form of public cloud . These advantages can be summed up in two words , That's it : controlled .


Every enterprise is unique , There are different business scenarios and IT
demand . It's like we go to the mall to buy ready-made clothes , Although there are a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from , But there's certainly no custom-made suit to wear properly . For enterprises ,“ appropriate ” Reflected in line with the actual situation of the enterprise , And it needs to be fully compliant , Need to be right
IT The environment is as controllable as possible , Including budget control , Controllable cost , There is also the controllable deployment of the environment .


Let's take a look at how Alibaba cloud's dedicated hosts can achieve budget control , Cost available , Deployment controllable .

How can alicloud's private hosts be controlled ?

Budget controllable

Flexera stay  RightScale 2019
Cloud computing status report , Whether large enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises , A significant proportion of business owners believe that managing spending on the cloud is a big challenge , The percentage of votes was as high as 84% and 69%.


The challenge is not to say that cloud computing is more expensive than traditional deployment , It's a new form of deployment IT
Budget management has brought new difficulties . Resource group , Prepaid example , Reserved instance voucher is a concept derived from cloud computing , It aims to help enterprises manage budget better , But it is clear that the problem still exists .


So can it be on the public cloud , Purchase a batch of servers in the form of private deployment , And then deliver them to each business department or project team in the form of resource pool ?



Proprietary hosts can meet this requirement . Enterprises can create a “ Physical machine ” colony , They are then delivered to the business for use . Because the host's resources are fixed , Only fixed resource pools need to be allocated to different business units , It is also forbidden to create resources outside the host , It will be able to
IT Resource consumption should be controlled within the budget . meanwhile , Private hosts support the allocation of resource groups , Support labeling , Flexible distribution among different departments can be achieved .


Another financial issue concerned by enterprises is the assessment of resource utilization

The available resources can be fully seen on a dedicated host , And its resource surplus , At the same time, it can view the host's overall CPU Utilization rate , The current and past resource utilization of each host can be judged by this method . For operation and maintenance team , The resource utilization rate and machine load can be viewed in real time , In order to more reasonable allocation of resources to the development team .



But wait a minute , Does this approach abandon the flexibility of the public cloud ?

That's a good question , The flexibility of the host is guaranteed by alicloud , If the host is not enough , Can be in 20 Complete expansion in seconds . It is created on the host ECS example , Create a multi tenant environment ECS
The example is exactly the same , Support the creation of monthly package and yearly package ( The instance does not need to be paid again ), It also supports different specifications . So called elastic loss , It's just that the size of the expanded and shrunk volume is changed from ECS
Instances become host granularity , If it is a relatively stable business , Basic elastic demand will not be affected .


Cost controllable

Alicloud provides a wide range of instance specifications for users to choose from , It's like going to the mall to buy clothes , We can buy it T Shirt , sweater , Down Jackets , To cope with different weather , At the same time, each style provides XS,S,M,L
... XXXL Various sizes , In order to meet different body shape customers . And it corresponds to alicloud   ECS example , There are different specification families for different business types , Different specifications support different business loads .





For enterprises pursuing flexibility and flexibility ( For example, Internet companies in rapid development ), This is the perfect buying experience . Find the right style and size , Order now and use it immediately . And then for the enterprises whose most business is steady-state business , It may not be the same .


The figure below shows an enterprise 24 Hours CPU Load monitoring , You can see that the overall load average is only
1%~2%( Above ), But there are still some virtual machines that are overloaded 60%, Even close to 100%( Below ).


Above :24 Hourly average CPU Utilization rate

Below :24 hour Top20 virtual machine CPU Utilization rate


Most applications for this are low CPU load , Mixed with a small number of business with peaks and troughs , Is there a more economical way to deploy ?

We can go through CPU Improving the resource utilization rate of low load applications by over scoring , At the same time CPU pin
To ensure the performance stability of high load applications , At the same time for some special load applications can also create non-standard CPU Memory matched ECS example . These need to involve customization , So back to those two words : controlled .


The key to control is CPU
The degree of over scoring can be controlled by the enterprise itself , Avoid it CPU Multi tenant competition brought by over score , Find the best price / performance balance point for your own situation . The key to control is that the enterprise can obtain the load of host , According to the actual situation
ECS Instances can be flexibly migrated between different hosts . These can be implemented in a resource pool built by a dedicated host .


The same resources , The number of nodes that can be created is the same N times , The cost of a single node becomes the original 1/N


CPU Super score can greatly help users reduce the deployment cost of applications , You can check the server you manage CPU
Utilization rate , What space can be optimized ? It's very convenient , Support simple increase of deployment density , It doesn't involve application transformation .

Controllable deployment

Cloud computing shields users from underlying physical hardware through virtualization technology , Providing users with standardized computing resources , Avoid the trouble of physical hardware operation and maintenance for users , This kind of standardization is also gradually toward Serverless
Direction evolution of . Maybe one day we can really stop caring about servers , Only through the interface and events , You can deliver computing power .


But wait , When we come back to reality , Most enterprises are still in the era of physical machine or virtual machine .

This may be because industry regulation or security audit requires physical machine monopoly ; This may be because the commercial license requires physical machine binding ; It is also possible to deploy core business systems against affinity , Reduce the impact of single point of downtime . in short , There are still some scenarios , We need to be aware of the physical deployment environment , So the concept of a physical machine has not yet been completely transformed
IT Schema design in the dictionary .


And the actual business scenario , The requirements for deployment may not be exhaustive .

In particular, privatized enterprises , Because physical resources have always been under their full control , The habit of deployment has more than industry attributes , Even with a lot of enterprise operation and maintenance culture . When you ask an enterprise what is the ideal cloud deployment form , Different people may have different opinions . Then the most concise and direct way is to give users complete deployment control .



A private host is a physical exclusive server , It can meet more stringent industry regulatory requirements , At the same time, it supports the business license with its own license on the cloud (BYOL). And for ECS
Deployment location of the instance , Enterprises are free to choose , At the same time, it can ECS
Instances migrate between different hosts without changing the network environment . A proprietary host builds an exclusive pool of resources , But it's not a small environment isolated from the public cloud environment , The interoperability of VPC remains .



Public cloud provides users with an operation and maintenance free , Deployment free elastic resource pool . The private host inherits the advantages of public cloud , Give enterprises more flexibility , Let enterprises IT
Infrastructure can be more autonomous and controllable , Build a private cloud on your own public cloud .


last , Summarize the differences between a private deployment and a dedicated host deployment :


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