use RAID Card formation RAID1


It has been proved by practice , Making software with operating system RAID1 It's very resource intensive . In use, the hard disk lamp is almost always on , Indicates that the hard disk is working all the time , The performance of the system is obviously reduced , Once the virtual machine is turned on, the response is very slow , It's intolerable . Finally decided to buy one RAID Make a new card RAID. Because of the financial problem , This time we picked a cheaper one RAID Card do RAID1.

Section 1

equipment :

RAID card :

moge (MOGE) PCI-E(x1) SATA2 card MC254 Double mouth SATA2 Array card , support RAID0

Product introduction :


Product name : moge (MOGE) PCI-E SATA2 Array card
type Number :MC254
Main control chip :Silicon Image SIL3132
Slot type : Desktop PCI-E x1 slot , Compatible x4 x8 x16 slot
Transfer out interface : inside 2 individual SATA2 Interface
Interface speed :3Gb/s
Applicable system :Win2000/XP 32-bit/XP 64-bit/Server 2003, Vista/WIN7, Linux, Mac OS
Other instructions : support RAID 0, RAID 1 pattern , support JBOD

①PCIE x1 Interface gold finger
② Status indicator pin
③ inside SATA2 Interface X2
④ baffle


a main board : ASUS M4A78E SE

Hard disk :WD 1 T


Section 2

hardware install

Turn off the computer , Get the screwdriver ready , Discharge static electricity ( Touch the water pipe with both hands , Or some other grounding device );

Remove the chassis , take RAID Card insertion PCID slot , Screw in the screws for fixing ;

The serial port lines of the two hard disks are respectively plugged into the RAID Inside the card SATA2 Interface ;

I didn't get the status indicator pin ;

Install the chassis and connect the power supply .


RAID set up

BIOS There is no hard disk information in it , Because the hard disk is connected to the RAID On the card .

BIOS You'll see it when you start RAID Card startup interface , Press Ctrl+S get into RAID Management interface , The management interface is relatively simple ( But I don't have a digital camera, so there's no picture here ):

1. establish RAID, Optional RAID0 or RAID1;

2. reconstruction RAID;

3. delete RAID;

4. Initializing the hard disk ;


I first initialized two hard drives , Then create RAID1


Section 3

Install operating system : Windows server 2008 R2 with SP1

Unable to recognize the hard disk during installation , So it needs to be loaded RAID Card driver :MC253+MC254+MC255 PCIE TO eSATA(SIL3132)

( Brief description :MOGE This RAID The card instructions are too simple , The information found on the Internet is also relatively small . There are many in the attached CD RAID drive , Check the drive and drive carefully during installation RAID The card is correctly aligned .)

After loading the drive, you can recognize the hard disk , Of course RAID1 You can only see the capacity of one hard disk .

Then continue to install normally until the end of installation .



This is a routine installation , There was nothing going on BIOS Upgrade or RAID Card upgrade .

It was a little confused at first , Is the hard disk connected to the RAID On the card or on the motherboard , After repeated tests, it was determined that the RAID obstruct .

When the hard disk is not recognized during the installation of the operating system , It's strange why the unit doesn't need to be installed separately RAID drive . It's normal to think about it later , Different motherboards , different RAID card , Installation details will vary .



I am busy recently. , When it stabilizes, it can start to continue on the virtual machine ORACLE Learning experiment of .



 2014 year 01 month 25 day supplement

After consulting Capricorn (MOGE) Company customer service ,raid There is a software in the CD that comes with the card to view the drive status and raid journal .

Drive letter :\ moge (MOGE) PCI-E SATA2 Array card \PCI-Express card \MC253+MC254+MC255 PCIE TO

Utility There are two folders in the directory :Win_32bit   and  Win_64bit

Install according to the installed system .

In this way, it can be monitored under the operating system raid situation , The following is the status of the image after completion :





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