In our use Linux When you order , How do you know what options are available under this command ?

    ( One ) command --help

    It's usually Linux Self contained help information .

    as ls --help .


    ( Two )man  ( something the matter , Looking for a man manual)

    man yes linux A manual provided , Contains most of the commands , Function instructions .

    The manual is divided into many chapters , use man You can specify different chapters to browse . example :man ls .

    man The chapters in (section) The meaning is as follows :

    1.Standard commands ( Standard command )

    2.System call ( system call )

    3.Library function( Library function )

    4.Special devices( Description of equipment documents ,/dev Under the various equipment )

    5.File formats( file format , as passwd)

    6.Games and toys( Games and entertainment )

    7.Miscellaneous( miscellaneous , Convention and agreement, etc , for example Linux Archives system , Network protocol )

    8.Adminstrative commands( Administrator command , as ifconfig)

    man The search is carried out according to the chapter number of the manual .

    man The following function keys are set :


    (3) Automatic completion

    When you type the first few letters of a command , Press tab key , The system will automatically complete the order for us . notes : The command needs to be uniquely determined .

    (4) Historical command

  When the system executes some commands , You can press up and down to view previous commands ,history List the commands that have been executed . Drive in as shown in the figure below history after , Display from 1 All the way to 999 Orders , The screenshot is part , Enter after !996
, It shows home List under folder .




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