1. Introduction reverse -baby

In the beginning OD open , You can't find anything after looking up the string , So it almost dragged in IDA.


So I found out

Here's a bunch of them mov, In observation 66h,6Ch,61h,67h, Some experienced students should know that this is ASCII character flag Of 16 System

Type them into the script one by one , obtain flag.(IDA I'm not very proficient , I hope to have the guidance of the great God. Is there any other way besides knocking one by one )


This is a super simple sign in question , Drag it in OD perhaps IDA, Search for a string and you get it flag.


use IDA open , stay hex Found in flag, Then save it as a txt file .

4. Pass the game

Is an executable file , After operation , Read the rules of the game , It's about entering one 1-8 The number of , I'll light you up or something . And then I didn't think about it , From 1 Start losing one by one 8, result flag It's coming out . It's a little puzzling ?

And then I got out of order , Find out if it's 1-8 Every number has been entered only once , Then you can get it flag.

5.Timer( Ali CTF)

It's a apk file , Android reverse ? It's not solved yet .

6. Reverse entry

use winhex open , At the beginning png and base64, suggest base64 Transfer picture . Note that the beginning of the conversion should be deleted .

The two-dimensional code is obtained by converting it into an image , Scan the code flag.


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