A beautiful young American girl posted such a question in the financial section of a large online forum in the United States : How can I marry a rich man ?

“ What I'm going to say next is all from my heart . oneself 25 year , as smart as a new pin , It's that amazing beauty , The conversation is elegant , Have taste , Annual salary 50 Million dollars . You might say I'm greedy , But in New York, the annual salary 100 Ten thousand is the middle class , In fact, my requirements are not high .

this Do you have an annual salary of more than 50 Ten thousand people ? Are you all married ? I want to ask you a question —— How can I marry a rich man like you ? Of the people I've dated , The richest annual salary 25 ten thousand , It seems
It's my upper limit . To live in a high-end neighborhood west of New York's Central Park , Annual salary 25 Far from enough . I'm here to ask for advice sincerely . There are several specific issues : One , Where do rich bachelors spend their time
light ?( Please list the bars , Hotel , Name and detailed address of the gym .) Two , What age group should I target ? Three , Why do some rich wives look plain ? I've met some girls , Look alike
Same as boiled water , There is no attraction , But they can marry into the rich . The single women in the bar are not lucky . Four , How do you decide who can be a wife , Who can only be a girlfriend ?( My present purpose The label is marriage .)”

—— Ms. powers


Here is a reply from a Wall Street financier :

“ Dear powers : I read your post with great interest , I believe many girls have similar questions with you . Let me be an investment expert , Make an analysis of your situation . My annual salary is more than 50 ten thousand , Meet your criteria , So please believe that I am not wasting your time .

from From a businessman's point of view , It's a bad business decision to marry you , The reason can't be clearer , Please listen to my explanation . Put aside the details , What you said is actually a simple one “ Wealth ”“ Appearance ” transaction : Party A provides attractive
appearance , Party B pays , even bargain , neither the old nor the young will be cheated . however , There's a fatal problem here , Your beauty will fade away , But my money will not be reduced for no reason . in fact , My income is likely to increase year by year , You don't
It may be more beautiful every year .

therefore , From the perspective of Economics , I am a value-added asset , You are a devalued asset , Not only devaluation , And it's accelerating depreciation ! You are now 25, In the next five years , You can still stay slim , A pretty face , Although it's a little bit regressive every year . But beauty will fade faster and faster , If it's your only asset , Ten years from now, your value is worrying .

use Wall Street jargon , Each transaction has a position , It's part of being with you “ trading position ”(tradingl
position), Sell as soon as the value falls , It should not be held for a long time —— The marriage you want . It sounds cruel , But for a material that will accelerate its devaluation , The sensible choice is leasing , and
It's not buying . Annual salary can exceed 50 Ten thousand people , Of course, it's not a fool , So we're only going to associate with you , But I won't marry you . So I advise you not to search for a secret recipe for marrying a rich man . By the way , You do
You can find a way to turn yourself into an annual salary 50 Ten thousand people , It's better than meeting a rich fool .

I hope my reply can help you . If you're right “ lease ” be interested , Please contact me .”

—— Luo Bo . Campbell (J.P. Multi industry investment consultant of Morgan bank )

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