with UEFI Active Windows Disk must be GPT format . This article describes how to install the Windows During the MBR convert to GPT.

Particular attention : Careless operation may lose all data , If you know the basic concepts of installing a system , Then read on and try to practice ; Otherwise, please give it to professionals . Remember , Remember , Remember !!!

The first step : Press Shift + F10 Start command prompt

stay Windows In fact, you can start the command prompt in the installation interface of , Just press Shift + F10 that will do .

Step two : Knock on the command

start-up Diskpart:
> diskpart
The prompt appears before the startup prompt “DISKPART” prefix :
DISKPART> list disk
The command prompt lists all disks and their formats on this computer :
disk ### state size available Dyn Gpt -------- ------------- ------- ------- --- --- disk 0 online
119 GB 118 GB * disk 1 online 465 GB 1024 KB disk 2 online 28 GB 0 B *
disk 0 It's the system disk I'm going to install .

================ !!! Particular attention !!! ================

* Note that the disk is selected here , Not partitions ! Not as usual C disc /D disc , It's a piece SSD, Or a mechanical hard disk .
* Subsequent operations erase all data from the selected disk , It's all data , Without reservation !
================ !!! Particular attention !!! ================

Now? , We choose “ disk 0”:
DISKPART> select disk 0
The serial number here depends on the installation SSD Or the serial number of the connection line of the mechanical hard disk , So be sure to check it out , Don't make the wrong choice .

next , Typing in clean Command to clear everything on this disk , be careful , This includes all the partitions :
Wait for the cleanup to finish , Then type in convert gpt The command completes the conversion .
DISKPART> convert gpt
Step three : Calm down the excitement

Press the button after the operation Alt + F4 Switch to Windows Setup can continue the installation . If you are a severe OCD patient , Knock one exit
End of command “Diskpart” The procedure is not too bad .

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