One , Basic environment

       1, my python The environment is 3.0 Above ,excel yes 2016 edition , For software pycharm

Two , Specific use

        1, You need to download it first openpyxl 

          pip install openpyxl 

          2, Some simple knowledge points

           a, Open what you need to open excel And instantiate one worksheet               
wb=load_workbook(r' Your catalogue ')
             b, Get current sheet page ( You can also specify )


              c,  Get the row range you need , Note that cell coordinates are always from the (1,1) start , non-existent (0,1) perhaps (1,0)

                    Otherwise, it will report an error 'ValueError: Row or column values must be at least 1'

                  The scope is guaranteed at  range(1,sheet.max_row+1) that will do

               d, Get one individually cell Value of

#value It's necessary , Otherwise, you get the cell object , Not the specific value

            The specific simple code is as follows :

def getdata(baseurl,f): #list=[] wb=load_workbook(baseurl)
#sheet.values(row) for row in range(1,sheet.max_row+1): temp_list=[]
cell2=sheet.cell(row=row,column=2).value temp_list=[cell1,cell2]
print('cell2=%s cell1=%s'%(cell2,cell1))


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