View the relationship between the user and the default table space .  
  select   username,default_tablespace   from   dba_users;


1. View table structure :desc Table name

2. View current user's table :

* select table_name from user_tables; 
3. View table names for all users :

* select  table_name  from all_tables;  
4. View all table names ( This includes system tables )

* select table_name  from all_tables;   
5. View all tables :

* select  *  from  tab/dba_tables/dba_objects/cat; 
Here's how it works Oracle Query user table space

◆Oracle Query user table space :select * from user_all_tables

◆Oracle Query all functions and stored procedures :select * from user_source

◆Oracle Query all users :select * from * from dba_users

◆Oracle View current user connections :select * from v$Session

◆Oracle View current user permissions :select * from session_privs

◆Oracle View user table space usage :

* select a.file_id "FileNo",a.tablespace_name  

* "Tablespace_name",  

* a.bytes "Bytes",a.bytes-sum(nvl(b.bytes,0)) "Used",  

* sum(nvl(b.bytes,0)) "Free",  

* sum(nvl(b.bytes,0))/a.bytes*100 "%free"  

* from dba_data_files a, dba_free_space b  

* where a.file_id = b .file_id(+)  

* group by a.tablespace_name ,  

* a.file_id,a.bytes order by a.tablespace_name; 1. View all users :

  select * from dba_user;

  select * from all_users;

  select * from user_users;

2. View user system permissions :

  select * from dba_sys_privs;

  select * from all_sys_privs;

  select * from user_sys_privs;

3. View user object permissions :

  select * from dba_tab_privs;

  select * from all_tab_privs;

  select * from user_tab_privs;

4. View all roles :

  select * from dba_roles;

5. View roles owned by users :

  select * from dba_role_privs;

  select * from user_role_privs;
6. View the permissions that a role has :
  select * from role_sys_privs;
  select * from role_tab_privs;
7. View all system permissions
  select * from system_privilege_map;
8. View all object permissions
  select * from table_privilege_map;
The above is in the Oracle View user permissions in ,

stay DB2 For :

  select * from syscat.dbauth


  get authorizations
see sid

select * from v$instance

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