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ASCII The hexadecimal code is converted to decimal
It doesn't seem difficult to do mental arithmetic 55,56,54,79,115,69,·········· That still works python bar



c=s.split(" ") print(c) # \x2c It's a comma , str.split(str="", num=string.count(str))
str -- Separator , The default is all empty characters , Include spaces , Line break (\n), Tab (\t) etc . num -- Segmentation times . The default is -1, That is to separate all . print
str.split( ); # Space as separator , contain \n print str.split(' ', 1 ); # Space as separator , Split into two

s=[55,56,54,79,115,69,114,116,107,49,50] for i in s: print(chr(i),end="")
chr Returns the corresponding integer ASCII character .
print (chr(48), chr(49), chr(65),chr(97)) 0,1,A,a print (chr(0x30), chr(0x31),
chr(0x61)) 0,1,a
ord Returns the ASCII numerical value
ord('a') 97

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