/** * Elimination score */ private int plusExp() { // Get map information boolean[][] gameMap =
this.gameDto.getGameMap(); // Initialize the number of elimination lines int lineNum=0; // Scan the map , Judge whether the line can be cancelled for(int
y=0;y<gameMap.length;y++){ if(this.isCanRemoveLine(y, gameMap)){ // Cancelling operation
this.removeLine(y,gameMap); // Increase the number of elimination lines lineNum++; } } return lineNum; } /** * Cancelling operation
*/ private void removeLine(int rowNumber,boolean[][] gameMap){ for(int
x=0;x<GameConfig.getSystemConfig().getMaxX();x++){ for(int
y=rowNumber;y>0;y--){ gameMap[y][x]=gameMap[y-1][x]; } // The first 0 Set row to false
gameMap[0][x]=false; } } /** * Judge whether the line can be cancelled */ private boolean isCanRemoveLine(int
y,boolean[][] gameMap) { for(int
x=0;x<GameConfig.getSystemConfig().getMaxX();x++){ // As long as there is an empty line (false), It's not necessary
if(!gameMap[y][x]){ return false; } } return true; }

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