Redis There are five data structures for , namely :String,Hash,list,set,zset. These five data structures have their own usage scenarios :

1. String
Some IP Addresses are visited frequently over a period of time , It's going to be blocked .Redis Medium String Data types can be accessed through Incrby Command records the number of visits .
2. Hash
Used to store user information [id,name,age];Hset{key,field,value}
for example :Hset{userKey,id,01}
Easy to modify , for example :Hget{userKey,id}
Why not String Type to store ?
Will userKey The corresponding values are all deserialized , Increased IO frequency , Reduced system performance .
3. List
Can achieve the latest news ranking ; It can also be used List Medium push The command exists the task list In the set , At the same time pop Command to remove the task from the collection .
Redis–List To simulate message queuing 【 This method can be used to complete a seckill activity in e-commerce 】
4. Set
It can discharge the weight automatically .
For example, in the microblog, everyone's friends exist Set In the set , Take the intersection of two people can find two people's common friends .
5. Zset
You can sort with a certain condition as the weight .
For example, the comprehensive ranking of e-commerce , You can also rank prices according to your own needs .

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