stay 2018 In the third quarter of Forrester
Wave Hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) In the report , In the leadership quadrant VMware Got the highest score in the product strategy standard category .Forrester think ,VMware
vSAN In the past three years, it has developed rapidly , Not only increased the rich function , Also with VMware Software is more tightly integrated . about VMware For customers ,vSAN It's a path to perfection VMware
Cloud Foundation(VCF) The way ,VCF Is a proven full stack software defined data center infrastructure , Can be private cloud , Public cloud and edge support .

today , from VMware
vSAN Supported hyper converged infrastructure solutions have moved from a single integration of virtualized computing and storage , It has evolved into a common architecture covering from the edge to the core and then to the public cloud . and VMware Users of HCI Push to key applications , exceed 60% Of VMware
HCI User run Microsoft
SQL And other business critical applications , There are also operations Oracle,SAP and MySQL Users of . in addition ,VMware Return to AWS Public cloud vendors provide native , Multi tenant HCI-as-a-Service.2018 year 3 month Gartner According to a report of ,VMware
HCI Support more hybrid cloud use cases than other vendors .

It's based on VMware Commitment to multi cloud environment , The first server in China , The wave of the world's third largest manufacturer has long been associated with VMware Deep cooperation , To provide users with software and hardware integrated optimization HCI Solution . stay vFORUM
2018 upper , Tide and VMware We jointly released a new generation of all-in-one flash and super integration machine InCloud Rail 3.0, Based on the latest vSAN 6.7 edition ( Namely Forrester Wave
2018Q3 Version evaluated in the report ), Customized management software and Inspur self-developed multi cloud platform , With simple operation and maintenance , Easy to expand ,TCO low , Four features of easy upgrade . The product is expected to HCI Promoting the key production system in China , Such as large-scale historical transaction query in financial industry , High frequency trading, etc .

Comprehensively promote super integrated product line

All in one flash and super integration machine InCloud Rail
3.0 It is the latest member of Inspur super fusion product line family . current ,HCI Most products adopt HDD and SSD Mixed mode ( Mixed flash ), among SSD Flash memory is mainly used for cache acceleration , And with SSD The cost is further reduced and the life problem is solved , Full flash HCI Products start to be the next generation HCI One of the mainstream forms of , Therefore, Inspur also timely followed up the launch of Intel Purely Platform and aoteng SSD Of InCloud
Rail 3.0, Attainable mean time between failures exceeds 200 10000 hours , Maximum write life up to 5 Over years ( Write it all every day 10 second ).

( Liu Zhikun, product director of Inspur cloud computing )

Introduction to Liu Zhikun, product director of Inspur cloud computing , Super fusion of the tide InCloud
Rail The products are divided into two series : A big series is VMware Cooperative enterprise oriented E series , Among them HCI Software adoption VMware product , Multi cloud management platform with Inspur InCloud
Manager Yes VMware Nanotube ; Another big series is S series , Adopt the virtualization and storage software developed by Inspur ,S The series is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises with special industries and cost sensitivity . On the model , Both series are available 2U1 Inspur two-way general server and 2U4 Node high density server , Meet the needs of different users .

As E The latest member of the series ,InCloud Rail
3.0 The idea of resource sharing is resource sharing , Fusion to simplicity , Based on Integrated Network , Storage architecture , It can meet customers' demand for cloud resource elasticity , On demand delivery at the same time , Flexible expansion of distribution on demand , Meet the needs of growing businesses in the future .InCloud
3.0 A new wave has been adopted M5 The server , The computing performance has been improved significantly , It can be improved after testing 163%; support NVIDIA and AEP Memory , After testing, the memory bandwidth can be improved 164%; Support full flash architecture , maximum 38 block 2.5 Inch hard disk , Increased storage capacity 167%. From these aspects, the hardware performance is improved as a whole , Enabling hyper converged architecture to enter critical business , Disaster preparedness , High performance business scenarios such as desktop virtualization and test development .

And VMware In depth cooperation

InCloud Rail 3.0 It's the wave and the VMware In depth cooperation products . The two sides have been cooperating since ten years ago , Jiang Yongchang, general manager of Inspur cloud computing product department vFORUM
2018 On the expression , Wave in China is VMware Deep partner , The two sides have cooperated in the field of hyper integration for more than three years .

stay InCloud Rail 3.0 adopt VMware Update Manager (VUM), Intelligent upgrade experience with software and hardware integration , combination vSAN
HCL Service and version catalog , Upgrade automation . Data of server hardware driver and software upgrade by Inspur , Sync to HCL database , When it is found that some components in the version directory have upgrade packages , You can pass VUM Centralized update ESXI, Drivers and firmware ; And support the wave HCI The server BMC Centralized update of management system ; Through intelligent operation , Solve the problem of upgrading efficiency .

In terms of Automated Deployment , The tide is also associated with VMware Customized cooperation was carried out , The two sides jointly developed a rapid deployment tool . Do the pre installation when leaving the factory , After arriving at the customer's site, according to the network environment, a super fusion deployment can be realized with a few mouse clicks , The deployment tool is planned for 2018 At the end of the year .

Towards a cloudy future together

The tide is on vForum 2018 Based on the wave InCloud
Manager Multi cloud management solution for , Multi cloud unified management is provided , Unified management of heterogeneous virtualization , Cross cloud resource scheduling and Choreography , Multi cloud governance , Unified monitoring and operation and maintenance , Unified cost analysis and Optimization Based on API Building cross Cloud Applications 7 Big function , It realizes the unified management and intelligent operation and maintenance of multi cloud environment , Help customers better cope with the challenges of the multi cloud Era .

Incloud Rail 3.0 The cloud management is inherited InCloud
Manager Function of , It can monitor and manage customers' heterogeneous environment and present them uniformly .InCloud
Manager It can manage different virtualization platforms in a unified way , Supported virtualization platforms include KVM,XEN,VMware,PowerVM And it has expansibility , Based on InCloud
Manager The multi cloud management platform can achieve a unified user experience across heterogeneous environments .

wave InCloud
Manager Integration within the enterprise IT Environmental Science , So that administrators and operation and maintenance personnel can be unified in the portal Complete the management and operation and maintenance of the cloud . actually , After the development of cloud computing in the first decade , More and more enterprises are aware of the need to turn to cloud architecture , Super fusion as a fast construction scheme , Can quickly let customers use small-scale private cloud , Is a useful complement to the private cloud , and InCloud
Manager It solves the problem of integration and integration of multi cloud solutions .

Accelerate the speed of industry cloud

More and more industries are adopting the wave InCloud
Rail Super fusion solution , Speed up the cloud . from IDC From the survey , China's hyper integrated market is currently dominated by the government , education , Financial and medical industries , These industries or information construction is just starting , Or you need to start a new application scenario .

Lanhai Medical Co. Ltd. takes the lead in building super integrated medical cloud Center . In order to create a medical environment oriented IT platform , The wave of investment in Lanhai medical InCloudRail Super convergence solution to build business and development test platform , Fast online business , Rapid delivery of test environment ; At the same time IT Flat architecture , Support fast scale out to 1000 nodes , And the utilization rate of resources has been improved 60%, Lower energy consumption in data center 50%.

With the development of technology and the penetration of the Internet, Dezhou University , More and more businesses need to move to the Internet , For example, campus card system , Online course selection system , Teaching evaluation system, etc . Inspur super fusion infrastructure based on high reliability , High performance hardware platform , Implemented in a software defined way IT Infrastructure services , Can achieve rapid expansion , Highly automated , Unified management and allocation of resources , Support the rapid launch of teaching business .

Benxi Iron and Steel General Hospital , Pizhou e-government platform , Gansu Provincial Computing Center private cloud services have chosen wave InCloud
Rail Super fusion solution , Reduce the construction cost of data center , It improves the utilization of hardware resources , It reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance , Realizable computing , Fast scale storage of resources , Business launch time reduced to minutes , Meet the performance of business system , usability , reliability , Data security , Expansibility and other requirements .

Forrester think , Next generation hyper fusion solutions are more reliable , The key application ecology based on hyper fusion solution has been enriched , As IaaS Hyperintegration with hybrid cloud cornerstone is expected to be mainstream
. along with VMware etc. HCI The software technology is fully mature , As well as Inspur, which is No.1 in China , Close follow up of the world's third largest server manufacturer ,2019 It is expected to see the large-scale start of domestic super integration market in .( writing / Ningchuan )

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