not long ago , Loongson team finished .Net Core
3.1 Transplantation on Loongson . As early as 1 last year , A netizen told me , hope .Net It can be transplanted to Loongson platform , Because some government application scenarios have this demand . It's only been a year , This problem was solved by Loongson team .

Why the Loongson team was transplanted .Net, Mainly because C# Is the mainstream programming language , The platform is Microsoft's .NET, similar java What is needed Jvm virtual machine . This time, Loongson has been transplanted .Net, It can solve many software ecological problems .

Although some people call on the government sector not to support it .NET, But considering the current situation , Such an appeal is impractical , because .Net The ecosystem is too wide . first ,.Net It is a very important development platform at home and abroad , Foreign funded enterprises in China , Most of them are .Net technology . secondly ,.Net It is very suitable for enterprise application development , In the last decade or so , finance , government , Office automation of enterprises , Most of them are .Net technology . again ,.Net Very young , Learning java Many advantages of , Many shortcomings have been avoided , The entry threshold is very low , It is widely used in enterprises Windows Under the premise of , Its advantages are very obvious . Now? .Net and java Is completely equivalent across platforms , Basically java Where you can run net You can run, too . because .Net He is a rising star , A lot of optimization , So in most scenarios .Net Better performance , Lower threshold , It's better to use . In China, it is mainly affected by Ali ,java The proportion is particularly high . There is a general mood in the Chinese software industry , That's big companies following suit , What about Ali . last ,.Net The biggest weakness of technology is not open source , also Windows It's a payment system , however , Microsoft in 2016 Released in .NET
Core, hold .Net Open source technology and promote windows/linux/macos And other platforms . Most of us today .Net The developed systems are based on the latest open source version .NET Core.

so to speak , Loongson finished .NET The transplanting work has a great role in promoting ecological construction . before , Some friends attacked the Loongson platform and couldn't use it .NET. From now on , This weakness of Loongson will no longer exist . We hope that Loongson and the domestic operating system manufacturers that support Loongson can continue their efforts .

here , Iron current specially replies to the next part “ internet troll ”. all the time , Iron current emphasizes independence , set up a separate kitchen , But some netizens will “ The appendage of gangjing ”, Unlimited online , It is required that the programming language cannot be used in foreign countries , It is required that the sand for silicon wafer must be made in China, etc . Iron current's point of view is , For foreign knowledge and technology , If the technology is advanced , And it's free , You can use it at will , It will not affect the follow-up independent research and development , that , You can use it . Just like the Arabic numbers and “+”,“-”,“*”,“/” Symbols are easy to write , Mathematical calculation compared with Chinese “ one two three four ”,“ add , subtract , multiply and divide ” More convenient , And it doesn't have to pay a patent fee abroad , Based on these Arabic numerals and mathematics, the Chinese people have developed knowledge and technology , It's not controlled by people , There is no need to pay patent fees to foreign investors , So you can use it safely and boldly . If you use some foreign technical standards, you have to purchase technology authorization from foreign companies , There is a royalty for every chip produced , When Western politicians impose sanctions , The foreign company will also interrupt all technical cooperation , that , This foreign technology should be sublated , You can't rely on it . The most typical example is the domestic part CPU Company dependence ARM to grant authorization .

As far as the actual situation is concerned , Domestic software is strong in application software , Weak basic software , Therefore, the choice to borrow the power of open source community has become an inevitable choice , No matter what Linux, still .NET
Core,java, They are all objects that can be borrowed . Godson is implemented in hardware CPU Write the source code yourself , Embrace open source in software , From open source , Go to open source , It can guarantee the autonomy of hardware , It is also a good way to build software ecology with the help of open source community .
indeed , The ecological construction of Loongson is under great pressure , Even because of software problems and drag down the overall performance and experience of Loongson . There is a long way to go , take a heavy burden and embark on a long road . persevere , little strokes fell great oaks , dripping water wears through a stone .

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